Home World Jiang Feng: Three days changed to one day to close the Taiwan military exercise and ended unfinished Hu Kengxi did not discuss | Jiang Feng | Pelosi | CCP | Taiwan | Military | Taiwan Strait | Military exercises | Japan | Xi Jinping | Mao Zedong | Hu Xijin

Jiang Feng: Three days changed to one day to close the Taiwan military exercise and ended unfinished Hu Kengxi did not discuss | Jiang Feng | Pelosi | CCP | Taiwan | Military | Taiwan Strait | Military exercises | Japan | Xi Jinping | Mao Zedong | Hu Xijin

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Jiang Feng: Three days changed to one day to close the Taiwan military exercise and ended unfinished Hu Kengxi did not discuss | Jiang Feng | Pelosi | CCP | Taiwan | Military | Taiwan Strait | Military exercises | Japan | Xi Jinping | Mao Zedong | Hu Xijin

[Voice of Hope, August 5, 2022](Comprehensive report by our reporter Xin Ji)After Pelosi left Taiwan, the CCP urgently started an unprecedented live-fire military exercise around the island of Taiwan, which attracted worldwide attention. So what is the nature and purpose of the CCP military exercise? Will the CCP raise the critical point of the Taiwan Strait crisis and drag the world into war? We-media commentator Jiang Feng made an incisive analysis in the new episode of “Jiang Feng’s Talk”.

Americans did not hit their own feet, the CCP lifted a stone to hit Taiwan

Pelosi stepped forward, and the CCP’s military exercise to block Taiwan began, and the timing was very accurate. Pelosi landed at Taiwan’s Songshan Airport at 10:44 p.m. on August 2, and Xinhua News Agency issued an announcement at 11:02 for a military exercise around the island. There are latitudes and maps.

The CCP announced the military exercise at 11:02 pm on August 2 (Photo: Video Screenshot)
The CCP’s military exercise area surrounding Taiwan
Area map of the CCP military exercise around Taiwan (Photo: Video screenshot)

18 minutes after Pelosi landed in Taipei, the CCP announced the exercise. Is it to scare Pelosi or to scare Pelosi?

Pelosi left Taiwan at around 17:53 on August 3, flew for six hours, and landed safely at Osan Air Force Base in South Korea before the early morning. The time of the military exercise released by Xinhua News Agency wrote an inaccurate and unprofessional 12 Is it morning or noon? Its missile was launched at noon on the 4th. According to convention, the military exercise requires a time limit to clear the field, so the expression in the early morning should be closer to the truth.

In other words, the People’s Liberation Army started the military exercise after letting Pelosi leave Taiwan and land safely in South Korea, a few minutes later. Is it an offensive missile or a goodbye fireworks?

What’s even more unreasonable is that the party media have said from beginning to end that Americans are shooting at the feet, Americans are playing with fire, and Pelosi has come and gone, and he has come and gone gently, although he has not taken away a piece of it. Cloud, but took away a Qingyun medal.

Pelosi awarded the Qingyun badge
Pelosi was awarded the Qingyun badge during her visit to Taiwan (Photo: Video Screenshot)

The CCP saw that the American stone did not hit the foot, so it took the stone to hit the Taiwanese, and took up the missile to seek out Taiwan! How can this world power be so logically confused. Is it really for North Korea’s sake? Whoever hits North Korea will hit South Korea! The CCP is now going to attack Taiwan no matter who provokes it!

In the Taiwan Strait, the CCP has no conditions for a military adventure or heightened threat

So, did Pelosi’s trip set off a frenzy in the Taiwan Strait, and will the CCP raise the critical point of the Taiwan Strait crisis and drag the world into war?

First of all, let’s look at the authenticity of this so-called blockade of Taiwan’s military exercise. I was on Radio Free Asia this morning (August 4th) and was asked exactly that question. It probably means: The People’s Liberation Army has blocked Taiwan, and its access to Taiwan’s waters and airspace has become normal in the future? I would say that this is actually a false proposition. If everyone, including several mainstream media in the West, is commenting that the CCP has raised its military threat since then, and even the war is imminent, I would say that you really need to understand the CCP at multiple levels.

Why do you say this is a false proposition? You can look back carefully. The CCP’s military threats and military exercise plans are carefully avoiding Pelosi’s trip, which shows the essence: the CCP has no courage or plan to directly confront the United States, and even worry about the frontline. A little carelessness will cause misunderstanding, and the United States will find an excuse to attack.

Xi Jinping’s generation learned from Mao Zedong’s fighting style against Taiwan and truly grasped its essence. What is the essence? In a word: only fight Jiang ships and not US ships. We must pick Taiwan to fight, and we must not provoke the United States. Before July, high-level officials of the Chinese and US military had frequent meetings and conversations. One of the main topics was to avoid misunderstandings and unnecessary conflicts. During Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan, such communications will be more detailed. Therefore, it can be concluded that from the CCP’s original intention and under the control of both China and the United States, the CCP has no conditions for military adventures or heightened threats.

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The CCP’s military exercise is clearly a propaganda operation

Second, Hu Xijin is an interesting object to observe. Everyone, go to one of his posts, distributed at 11:35 on August 2: The People’s Liberation Army announced that from August 4 to 7, it will conduct military exercises in the six waters and airspaces surrounding Taiwan’s main island, and organize live ammunition. Shooting, the scale and formation of such exercises surpassed the 1996 Taiwan Strait crisis. Pelosi ushered in an era of high-intensity competition between China and the United States around the Taiwan Strait. Mainland China is determined and calm to take on the battle…

My friends, a retired newspaper editor-in-chief actually got the news earlier than Xinhua News Agency, and it was a military action plan involving major international events. Even the Xinhua News Agency has to authorize the publication. Where did Hu Xijin come from? This must be investigated, and the charges of leaking state secrets and endangering national security are indispensable.

The reason why Hu Xijin acted earlier than Xinhua News Agency is that Hu Xijin’s newspaper and personal platform are mainly aimed at inciting nationalist sentiment, so he has been escalating the crisis from beginning to end when Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan. Let’s take a look: from flying with him to shooting down, and now blocking Taiwan’s military exercises, it seems that Hu Xijin is an original here, and the central party media is cooperating with Hu Xijin’s actions to advance and retreat.

Since Hu Diapan is the protagonist, think about it, could this still be a military operation? Is it clearly a propaganda operation? It’s not a bugle, but a suona.

We can recall Hu Xijin’s series of tweets about Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan.

On July 25, the news of Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan came out. Hu Xijin said: “We meet on a narrow road. If Washington releases water to allow Pelosi to visit Taiwan, they must prepare for a high-intensity situation in the Taiwan Strait and a crisis in Sino-US relations.” And for the first time, he proposed his military solution, which is to block the airspace of Taiwan, and use land-based missiles to attack the US aircraft carrier if Chinese and American aircraft clash;

On July 28, Hu Xijin asked the Ministry of National Defense to issue a clear warning, and explained the meaning of Zhao Lijian’s “stand by” of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Hu Xijin’s explanation instantly made the word murderous. Instead, the formation is complete, the people are in place, the bullets are loaded, and the battle is ready at any time. He also proposed the Dongfeng 41 nuclear-armed intercontinental missile;

On July 29, he shot down directly; on July 30, he declared that a full-scale war in the Taiwan Strait would break out, and the most vicious minds of the Taiwan authorities and the Taiwan army would be wiped out; on August 1, he said he did not know what to do next. What will happen in a minute; on August 2, he is about to announce the command of the PLA military exercises.

So you see it? The so-called military exercise of the CCP’s military blockade of Taiwan was almost completed under the command of a nationalist flag-bearer, a retired cadre, and a hobbyist.

We certainly understand Xi Jinping, who called to warn Biden not to play with fire and set himself on fire. His tone and style of doing things were obviously captured by certain political forces. So is Hu Xijin representing Xi Jinping? Calm down, it’s not right. Hu Xijin is ahead of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and even ahead of the Ministry of National Defense in releasing military action plans and escalating the threat level. The meaning of kidnapping is obvious: if you don’t follow suit, you are not patriotic.

But the public sentiment has been fanned up. The grievances of the closed city, the grievances that poke the nose every other day, the grievances that the savings can’t get out, the grievances of buying unfinished buildings and constantly repaying them, all of them are poured into Pello. West on.

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If Xi Jinping doesn’t follow suit, okay? No way, because foreign affairs and military affairs are in charge of Xi Jinping alone, and any concessions are made by Xi Jinping. The CCP has never been able to accept a core who is not tough enough to lead the whole party. But follow the trend? Hu Xijin’s pit was directly dug a bullet crater, and the result was a war. The “Axis Act” of the U.S. Congress put Xi Jinping’s name in it, which is to blame the CCP for supporting Russia to impose sanctions; Pelosi went to Ukraine before coming to Taiwan this time, and this time to Taiwan, he also emphasized Ukraine resistance. In the fight against Taiwan, the money of the Politburo bosses is in Switzerland and the United States. It’s no wonder they don’t eat Xi Jinping raw. From the revision of the constitution in 2018 to the establishment of a bureau, there are still 100 days before the 20th emperor can become emperor. Once Taiwan is hit, all social risks are out of control. Xi Jinping cannot do that.

Therefore, Hu Xijin’s instigation, daring to speak ruthlessly, and in turn leading the first-level party media of the central government, is of course not done by himself. He, the chairman of the Internet Military Commission, is obviously not sealed by the incumbent Chairman of the Military Commission, but is here to pit the Chairman of the Military Commission. Yes, if Xi Jinping was beaten and lost his life, he would be killed if he didn’t lose face. This is an excellent tactic!

Since the blockade of the Taiwan military exercise is not right, it is a propaganda operation rather than a military operation. Of course, it is a serious matter of going through the motions. All military vehicles flaunting the front lines in Fujian and Zhejiang should normally be assembled at night, one is concealed, and the other will not occupy civilian road resources to compete with each other. Its sole purpose in swaggering about in broad daylight is to tell the mainland people, look, we’re here for real. I asked: Tank armor can not stay in the mainland, right? “Liberate Taiwan” You want to cross the sea, what about the ferry?

Going back to the military exercise itself, compared to the Taiwan Strait crisis in 1996, many media are saying that this time it is indeed more serious. It turned out to be only in the Taiwan Strait, and now the exercise area blocks both the north-south passage and the eastern waters of Taiwan; Incredible, it has exceeded the territorial water line of 12 nautical miles.

I said on the Free Asia program that it did not say how many ships will appear in the exercise area. There will be warships that will appear in the sea off the Kaohsiung port in Taipei and block your door. The area it draws is entirely possible. It’s simply a lie.

So if the missile crossed the sky over Taiwan after all, will it come down? Today’s results are basically out, and the truth is out. The Eastern Theater Command of the Communist Party of China issued an authoritative statement today saying that a fire attack has been carried out, the missile has accurately hit the target, the live ammunition launch mission has been successfully completed, and the relevant sea and airspace control has been lifted. ended! What do you mean by blocking Taiwan? Rotten again.

Eastern Theater Announces Mission Completion
Eastern Theater Announces Mission Completion

So it is true that the CCP’s missiles flew over the island of Taiwan. Did the Taiwan side take any countermeasures? I said that this will test Taiwan’s crisis handling capabilities. It seems that I still overestimated the CCP’s efforts to come back even if it had some face. What’s the matter?

No. 4 of the CCP fired ballistic missiles with live ammunition. The Japanese Ministry of Defense estimated that 4 of them flew over Taiwan. However, according to the trajectory, the altitude of the ballistic missiles is already the outer space defined by the “Outer Space Treaty”, which is completely the CCP’s “psychological warfare against Taiwan”. “.

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According to the U.S. military’s strategy for intercepting ballistic missiles, the first layer is to launch standard Type 3 anti-aircraft missiles at sea by Aegis ships; the second is to use the high-level THAAD anti-missile system; the third layer is the low-level Patriot anti-aircraft missiles. But it was not the national army’s turn to show its strength. The CCP’s missiles went around, hitting a super high curve ball and crossing Taiwan from outer space.

Chinese missiles reach the height of outer space
Ministry of Defense of Japan: The missile of the communist army reached the outer space of the atmosphere (picture: video screenshot)

According to the data of the Japanese Integrated Staff Supervision Department, the missiles launched by the Communist Army are Dongfeng 15B, with a flight distance of 500 to 700 kilometers, and their ballistic altitudes are above 250 kilometers, which is already the outer space defined by the “Outer Space Treaty”.

Since they are beyond the sky and go to outer space, of course, there is no problem of invading the airspace. Obviously, the CCP military is afraid that Japan, the United States and Taiwan will take the opportunity to cooperate in comprehensive intelligence and actual combat; second, the international community will really heat up its confrontation posture; third, it is afraid that Taiwan will really intercept and shoot down the missile, and the whole world will know the photo. Now, Xi Jinping is really overwhelmed, and Hu Xijin really got into a crater.

The CCP’s military exercises show a real anti-communist sentiment

Although the military exercise map drawn by the CCP is very threatening, in essence, it is the same as Liu Liankun, a major general of the CCP’s General Armament Department who was instigated in 1996, revealed that the missiles the CCP fired were empty bombs. Acting is still the CCP’s internal consolation show war and intimidation psychological war against Taiwan.

Major General Liu Liankun of the General Armament Department of the Communist Party of China, who was conspired against in 1996
Major General Liu Liankun of the General Armament Department of the Communist Party of China, who was conspired against in 1996 (picture: video screenshot)

But the lessons of the 1996 missile crisis left to the CCP, I wonder if Xi Jinping remembers it. A similar scenario was staged between China, the United States and Taiwan that year. At that time, the White House could not withstand the pressure of the US Congress. Just like today, Biden was unable to obstruct Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan, and granted Taiwan President Lee Teng-hui a visa to visit the United States. The CCP tried to deter the people of Taiwan by launching missile force. Its logic was as follows: If you dare to get so close to the United States, and if you let Lee Teng-hui, who dared to go to the United States, become the president, you must really conduct direct elections and establish a real democratic system , you will suffer a military attack on the mainland, or even armed unification. But the result?

First, the United States dispatched the USS Nimitz and USS Independence aircraft carriers to approach the Taiwan Strait, and took concrete actions to prevent the CCP’s military attempt to attack Taiwan by force;

Second, the CCP promises the “three no principles”: missiles will not fly over the island of Taiwan; the navy and air force will not go beyond the central line of the Taiwan Strait; and it will not actually occupy the outer islands of Taiwan.

Of course, the most important thing is that the CCP’s missiles unite the people of Taiwan, who have always had a tradition of resisting strong enemies, and the descendants of veterans who have never been inseparable with the CCP and never forget to fight back to their hometown. Lee Teng-hui won the election with a high vote, and Taiwan Inaugurated the era of true democracy.

The CCP’s missiles, no matter whether they are blank or not, have shown real resistance to the enemy and the people.

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