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Jimi Blue Ochsenknecht shocks with statements about his daughter

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Jimi Blue Ochsenknecht shocks with statements about his daughter

Yeliz Koc defends herself as an “involuntary producer”: Jimi Blue Ochsenknecht shocks with statements about his daughter

Jimi Blue Ochsenknecht calls himself an “involuntary producer”

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In their new family reality series “The Ochsenknechts” the conflict between matriarch Natascha and baby Cheyenne with Jimi Blue Ochsenknecht is a central theme. Now the former actor is defending himself – and shocking himself with statements about his own daughter.

One can only hope that Jimi Blue Ochsenknecht’s daughter, two-year-old Snow Elanie, will never read his words. The former “Wilde Jungs” star and his broken relationship with mother Natascha and sister Cheyenne are a central part of the third season of “These Ochsenknechts”. In a video, the 32-year-old defended himself against the allegations of his family members.

Natascha Ochsenknecht and sister Cheyenne Ochsenknecht have found it wrong for some time that he doesn’t care about his child. In her reality series, matriarch Natascha revealed that her son and his new girlfriend, racing driver Laura-Marie Geissler, probably have a problem with her visiting Snow. “I don’t care. I stand by my grandchild, and whoever doesn’t like it – it’s their problem. Or in this case, their problem,” said Ochsenknecht. Not the only sore point that is currently burdening the family.

Jimi Blue Ochsenknecht comments on the family feud

“I’ve been losing my hair for a year or two because of all the stress. I couldn’t sleep because I didn’t know what the headline would be the next day. I felt really, really bad mentally,” said Jimi Blue Ochsenknecht . He had already considered giving up his famous last name because the many media reports and taunts against him were so stressful. “But that’s my father’s last name, my mother doesn’t actually have that name anymore. That’s actually a stage name that she still uses,” says Ochsenknecht. “That’s why I said I’ll keep it, because it’s a nice name. It actually stands for success and nice things – not for anything like that!”

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“These Ochsenknechts”: This is the well-known German celebrity family

His girlfriend also suffered from the argument. “I have the best woman by my side that I’ve ever had. I really love this woman more than anything,” said the 32-year-old. “For me the worst thing is to see my wife so sad that part of my family doesn’t accept her. It really hurts my heart. She doesn’t deserve this,” he said. Geissler was “sometimes brash,” said Ochsenknecht, but his mother and sister also said “stupid things” again and again.

“Involuntary producer”

If you can still sympathize with the family feud, Ochsenknecht’s statements about his little daughter are causing fans online to be stunned. “Of course, if you give birth to a child voluntarily, then you should take care of it. But I didn’t want to. I’m an involuntary father,” he said of the two-year-old from his relationship with Koc.

She, in turn, responded immediately on her Instagram profile. “I’m so shocked right now. I don’t want him to change his mind at some point. He won’t see my child,” she said in her story. She always kept the door open for her ex-boyfriend and father of her child, said Koc. That’s over now. She also posted old messages from Ochsenknecht in which he asserted that he always wanted to take care of his child. The little one was a dream child and planned, emphasized Koc and posted a photo of herself and her daughter. “You and me, we don’t need anything more,” wrote the influencer.

Reactions are piling up in the comments under the post. The tone is clear. “At some point the time will come when he will bitterly regret it. And to Snow he will then be just another strange man,” said one user. “It’s just a shame that Snow will one day see what her father says,” commented another. And the Ochsenknecht family, in the person of baby Cheyenne, apparently also took a stand. The 23-year-old posted a heart under Koc’s post.

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