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Joe Biden – Urgent summons: – How dare he?

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Joe Biden – Urgent summons: – How dare he?

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To make a long story short

  • Joe Biden has given a speech at the White House following a report by special investigator Robert K Hur about his handling of confidential documents.
  • The report criticizes Biden, but concludes that there is no basis for criminal prosecution.
  • Biden rejects the criticism of a poor memory and claims he is best qualified to be president.
  • However, he made a mistake by calling the president of Egypt the president of Mexico.

Sea view

The report is about Joe Biden’s handling of confidential documents as a private person.

In the report, special investigator Robert K. Hur states that there is no basis for prosecuting Biden, but at the same time directs strong criticism at the president.

Reprimands Biden: – Great risk

Among other things, Hur writes that Biden’s memory is bad and that he did not remember when his son Beau died. That’s what Biden is working hard against.

– How the hell does he dare to ask that?, Biden raged on the podium in the White House.

– No one needs to remind me when my son died, continued the president.

ANGRY: It was a heated Joe Biden who met the press on Friday night. Photo: AFP/NTB Show more

– Best qualified in the country

The press continued to ask a series of questions about Biden’s memory. Among other things, Hur writes in the report that Biden is a “sympathetic, well-intentioned, elderly man with a bad memory”.

Biden answers the following about it:

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– I am a well-intentioned older man and I know what I am doing. My memory is good. I am the best qualified person in the country to be president, he says.

In addition to coming out against the accusations of his poor memory, Biden wanted to point out that he was satisfied with the conclusion not to prosecute. He also claimed that the report proved that

He strongly denies that he has broken the law, but admits that he should have supervised the moving of documents from his office.

The tabbe

But at a press conference where Biden’s memory was among the main topics, he made a mistake that the team around him probably wished he hadn’t made.

Because when he talked about Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi, and that he did not open the borders for humanitarian aid to Gaza, Biden said that el-Sisi was the president of Mexico.

The New York Times writes that Trump’s campaign advisers have already seized on the blunder and are using it in an attempt to portray Biden as unfit to be president.

– It is difficult to see how this helped Biden’s political cause. Several Democratic employees have sent panicked messages about how the press conference went, writes the profiled person New York Times-journalist Maggie Haberman in the newspaper’s live coverage of the press conference.

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