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Johannes Thingnes Bø won the World Cup overall – NRK Sport – Sports news, results and broadcast schedule

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Johannes Thingnes Bø won the World Cup overall – NRK Sport – Sports news, results and broadcast schedule

– It tastes very good. It is hard to fight for the yellow overall jersey. It’s a mental game. To come out victorious is a fantastic feeling, says Thingnes Bø to NRK.

On Saturday evening, Johannes Thingnes Bø won the World Cup overall for the fifth time, after winning the chase start in Canmore.

The only person who could deprive Thingnes Bø of the trophy before today’s race was his own brother, Tarjei Bø. And that fight has cost.

BEST: With the victory at the hunt start on Saturday, Johannes Thingnes Bø secured both the overall trophy and the hunt start bullet this season.

Photo: Hanne Skjellum / NRK

– It’s the worst yellow jersey I’ve won, mentally speaking. It’s been fun fighting Tarjei, but I also know how good he is. Tarjei has been good and stable. It has been a lovely duel, a duel we have not had earlier in our careers, says Thingnes Bø about the duel against his brother.

The older brother had to settle for second place instead.

– Being in the shadow of one of the greatest sportsmen we have in Norway is perfectly fine. He is completely unique. He gets a lot of praise and respect. But as a brother, I almost feel he gets too little. As much as he wins, says Bø to NRK after a fifth place at the start of the hunt.

And he is not the only one to pay tribute to the streak, which took the 84th win of his career at the top level.

– It is incredibly impressive. He is the best biathlete ever, says Swedish Sebastian Samuelsson.

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– He shows time and time again that he is the best in the world. He is “the goat” (greatest of all time, editor’s note). Now he has passed Fourcade in the number of victories and Bjørndalen is not far away, so it is incredibly cool to experience Johannes at his best, says national team colleague Sturla Holm Lægreid.

HYLLES: Johannes Thingnes Bø has two out of two wins in Canmore. Sunday is the joint start.

Photo: AP

– The 5th overall World Cup victory is unique. We are running and counting whether he will reach 100 individual victories during his career. It is an honor to go with him, even if he beats us time and time again, praises Vetle Sjåstad Christiansen.

Got the video greeting before the start

The victory at the start of the chase meant that he passed Fourcade in the number of victories. And the French biathlon legend sent a video greeting even before the start on Saturday to the former competitor.

– It was nice that he recorded it at the front there. It’s big to pass a guy like Fourcade. He’s a legend, so it’s certainly a big day, grins Thingnes Bø.

– Legend is a word that is used about you too, what do you think of that?

– I understand that when you reach those numbers, you start to become someone who has influenced the sport. But I still have a few years left. I get to summarize after I hang up, that’s when such statuses are released, he replies.

Now only Ole Einar Bjørndalen has more victories, with his 95. In addition, Bjørndalen has a World Cup victory in cross-country skiing.

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– He will get there quickly within a couple of years, Jann Post commented when Thingnes Bø was on his parade march in the last round.

And it is now also a motivating goal for the 30-year-old, who has said he will give up after the 2026 Olympic season.

– Yes, it’s a bit natural. But last year there were ten wins up to Fourcade, then I thought it would be difficult, but maybe in the next two years. Now I managed it this year, then it is natural to look further up to the next person.

– You forget the strengths you have

It didn’t go as well for the biggest hope on the women’s side, Ingrid Landmark Tandrevold.

Because before the World Cup finale in Canmore, Tandrevold led the World Cup overall with 73 points.

Two races later, and with one race left in the season, the Norwegian is 61 points behind leader Lisa Vittozzi. Emotions then got the better of the Norwegian biathlon team.

– I don’t quite know why I’m crying. I think I’m a little overwhelmed. I’m a bit disappointed now and I’m also very proud of everything I’ve achieved. Then it’s easy for you to just get disappointed. When I am overwhelmed, I start to cry, says Tandrevold.

– You feel you are very close, but at the same time very far away. Then it will be a bit much, says Tandrevold.

Tandrevold herself says that in any case she does not feel like the world‘s best biathlete this year, and that it is therefore not so sad that the overall victory slipped away.

– I feel that I have broken a number of barriers this year. Then I really only feel that it is myself and my own thoughts that can stop me. It is possible to do something about that.

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– How are you going to work with it?

– First of all, I have to learn to deal with you (the media) in a good way, I think that can be a bit difficult from time to time. It is very easy to get hung up on what is not good. It is difficult when you are a top athlete and in general in life. That you forget the strengths you have. I want to get a little better at that.

WINNER: Ingrid Landmark Tandrevold received the trophy on Thursday after winning the sprint cup.

Photo: AP

Was comforted by a teammate

After the race, Tandrevold sat in the finish area for a long time and looked empty in the air. Away came Ida Lien, who comforted her team-mate as best she could.

CONSOLATION: Ida Lien (right) was quickly away at Tandrevold’s to offer some supportive words.

Photo: Henrik Myhr Nielsen / NRK

– I wanted to hear how it went. It’s exciting in the summary here. She may be a little disappointed today, but I know she loves joint starts. We are not going to give it up yet, says Lien to NRK.

– How are you going to encourage her – she is very sad here – for the last race?

– We will support as best we can. Maybe take her out to eat tonight. Do some other things and I think tomorrow will be fine.

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