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Jonas Gahr Støre to Tucker Carlson: – A microphone stand

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Jonas Gahr Støre to Tucker Carlson: – A microphone stand

At midnight Thursday Norwegian time, the former Fox journalist published Tucker Carlson his roughly two-hour long interview with the President of Russia. The interview should have been done on February 6 in Moscow.

In the interview, Vladimir Putin goes back to the 8th century to justify the war in Ukraine. He calls Ukraine “an artificial state” and claims that parts of Ukraine originally belong to Romania and Hungary, according to NTB.

Prime minister Jonas Gahr Støre thinks there is little new to be gleaned from the interview.

– I haven’t seen it, but what I hear from reports this morning is that this was a bit like the “greatest hits” of Putin’s theories, he says to NRK Nyhetsmorgen on Friday.

Støre believes that Tucker Carlson appears as a “microphone stand” for Putin and believes that the Russian president escaped difficult questions.

– The interview is based on a big lie, where Tucker Carlson says that nobody (western media, editor’s note) has asked to speak to him. But as far as I hear, all of the West’s leading foreign journalists have asked for an interview with Putin, and have not been granted it, says Støre to NRK.

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