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Jordan, two queens, many princes and an isolated king: the family saga behind the plot. That will not end there

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Two queens, two princes who feel defrauded of the throne, a former confidant who has become a traitor. And a king who feels encircled and pivots more and more on his queen and his family, which many in his homeland do not like, because it is considered “foreign”. There are all the elements of the Shakespearean saga in the drama that took place last weekend in Jordan: the re Abdallah who puts his stepbrother under arrest Hamza, former heir to the throne, and former royal adviser Bassem Awadullah, along with about twenty other people, accused of having acted with the help of “foreign entities” against the security of the state. The prince who releases a recording in which he accuses the government of “corruption” and promises not to bow to his brother’s diktats, then the mediation of an uncle – himself a former heir to the throne – tears an agreement and a letter of submission signed by the rebel.

The shadow of Riyadh and the Bedouin tribes: those who press on Jordan frightened by the possible coup d’état

by Francesca Caferri

A Saudi delegation lands in Amman

For Amman, last night’s should have been the end of the crisis, but already this morning it became clear that this would not be the case: from today in Jordan the media have been forbidden to talk about the affair again, but the stop has come too long late to stop the news that a Saudi delegation has landed in Amman to demand the release of Awadullah, now personal adviser to the crown prince Mohammed bin Salman. And history has gone too far for a press order to stop the chatter. The rivalries that emerged in these days, in fact, have been going on for years.

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Hamza, the rebel prince bows to the family: “I will obey the king”

by Enrico Franceschini

The feud between the two half-brothers

Both children of re Hussein, who died in 1999, Abdallah and Hamza have different mothers. British the Princess Muna, second wife of King Hussein, by his side for ten years before the divorce, in 1972. American Regina Noor Hamza’s mother, Hussein’s last wife, at his side for over twenty years after their wedding in 1978.

Hamza, Noor’s eldest son, was his father’s favorite son, who would have liked to see him on the throne. But when the sovereign’s illness worsened, it was too early for the boy to ascend the throne: Hussein wanted to impose him as number two on the then crown prince, his brother principe Hassan, with a promise to lead him to the throne.

The oath was refused, Hassan removed and the title of crown prince passed to the current king, Abdallah, Hussein’s eldest son. Three weeks later the king died, not after receiving the promise from his successor that he would appoint his half-brother Hamza as heir: five years later, however, Abdallah changed his mind, deprived his younger half-brother of the title and then assigned it in 2009 to his eldest son. Hussein bin Abdallah.

Jordan, former crown prince Hamza in a video: “I’m under house arrest”

The rivalries between the two Queens

Since then the relations between the half-brothers and their respective mothers have been officially cordial and the differences hidden between the walls of the buildings: but that all was not roses and flowers the events of these days have proved. Around Hamza – who closely resembles his father and cultivates this similarity in clothes and speech – the loyalty of the Bedouin population has thickened over the years, which accuses the government of corruption of King Abdallah and frowns upon the circle of power that is is created around Rania, the queen, wife of the sovereign.

The same one who is not loved by Noor, Hussein’s widow, deprived over the years more and more of the leading role she had gained on the public scene. “I pray that truth and justice – wrote the American queen on Twitter after her son’s arrest – will prevail for all the innocent victims of this evil slander”. Hassan, the same prince who in 1999 Hussein had removed from the throne because he was considered unreliable, was entrusted with the mediation between the two branches of the family.

Ties with the Bedouin tribes

Add to this the ties that the Bedouin and Awadullah tribes have been cultivating for years with Riyadh. The offer of a safe plane to take Hamza and his wife out of the country, which arrived shortly before the arrest by an Israeli businessman. And the hasty arrival in Amman of a Saudi delegation: it is understandable why the clouds in the Jordan sky have not completely dissipated. Despite the Royal Court’s attempts to drive them out.


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