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Jorge Soler’s family CELEBRATED LUXURIOUS Valentine’s Day

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Jorge Soler’s family CELEBRATED LUXURIOUS Valentine’s Day

He Valentine’s Day It is one of the most special celebrations in the entire world. Day of flowers, chocolates, stuffed animals and any gift that allows us to symbolize how much we feel for the person we love, as is the case of Jorge Soler.

Undoubtedly, Jorge Soler, one of the most established Cubans in the MLB, has many reasons to celebrate this February 14. A little over a day ago the news of his signing for three years by San Francisco Giants. This was one of the main objectives of the Cuban home run hitter in free agency, to find a proposal for that amount of time.

But Soler, nor anyone in this life, can do it alone. To move forward, to grow, we need people by our side who support us in bad times, celebrate our triumphs, give us the right advice, the right word. Jorge Soler He knows it and he didn’t want to let the woman who has been with him for more than overlook this Valentine’s Day. 10 years and his girl Leysa: the best home run he has ever hit.

Jorge Soler GAVE red roses on Valentine’s Day

A flower can be a simple, sometimes modest gift, but it has enormous value for the person who receives it. Red roses, for example, are one of the most universal tokens of love, and in my opinion, (call me old-fashioned) there is no gift for lovers without a red rose.

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Apparently Jorge Soler thinks very much like this server and dedicated a lot of space in his Valentine’s Day gift to red and white roses. A beautiful decoration of heart-shaped flowers and their respective initials accompanied two boxes whose interior remained a mystery.

A while later, Jorge Soler also gave his girl Leysa his surprise gift full of pink flowers and chocolates. That was captured in a video uploaded by the wife of the San Francisco Giants hitter.

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