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Jose Ignacio Lapido, critic of A Primera Sangre (2023)

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Jose Ignacio Lapido, critic of A Primera Sangre (2023)

We are going to give a 10 to the new album of Jose Ignacio Lapido, so that the editorial management can lower me from the cloud and I end up giving it a 9. This score – if the records must be scored – that I think will satisfy its author. Because knowing him for sure he doesn’t think, like I do, that he has made a perfect record. The best sound device that has been published in this country in many years. Those attending the Azkena Rock Festival, the festival epicenter of the national rock scene, say that they go to Azkena, regardless of their line-up. Well, that axiom can be extrapolated to the discs of the Granada native in a triple aspect. Lapido’s records are bought. Lapido’s records are heard. Lapido’s records are enjoyed. This is so, and there is no discussion. So it has always been, and so it will continue to be.

The start with “Cured from astonishment” already shows why. A new hymn for the already long list accumulated by the author. “Slaying” It is delicious from its complicated simplicity, “Life is like a gale, your love is like a gale.” “Bad thoughts” unsettling, and I like that feeling. It’s swampy blues, with some echoes of Tony Joe White at the beginning and a letter that simply addresses the desire for a woman, something to which Lapido is little used to us. A theme that reminds me a lot in concept of that “Through narrow paths” of our mutual friend Quique González on his album “Wet Birds” (2002), although the maestro’s theme is more complex and rhythmic than that of the man from Madrid.

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We travel to the past with the beauty of “From when I was not born”and with it we begin to appreciate the production of a Raúl Bernal in a state of grace. “Salvation is just a word to which they chained us”, says. And you shudder. “Before the day ends” We already knew it as the first preview of the album. A song that from its simple initial riff you already know you’re going to end up humming all day. “I think I’ve missed something” there’s something New Orleans in its groove, something voodoo in its lyrics, perhaps the most tongue-in-cheek of the lot. “At night the truth” It is the perfect complement to “From when I was not born”. She looks to the future, with that stoned trot, warning that “Perhaps the truth blinds us, or perhaps it doesn’t matter anymore. Perhaps my heart, in the end, the truth will burn us”.

Piano boogie for the start of “No one in their right mind” which is added to the list of songs that show that, directly, the world has gone crazy and that things are getting worse. That’s why “There is nothing else” frightens us by insisting that the poet “he’s more dead than alive” and that he is perfecting “art of survival” “One and the opposite” raise the beats. Perhaps up to now we haven’t realized it, at least not me, but Lapido is comfortable and it shows in his interpretations, both on the guitar and on the voice. Melancholy returns at the end, stronger than ever in “Time-out”one of those ballads that we can define as stone that are not lapidary, although sometimes they can also be.

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As Keith Richards said, the important thing is not to steal, but to know who to steal from. And we are going to do it with José Igancio Lapidowhy “If beauty may in the end make a deal with melancholy”, we may also end up realizing how lucky we are in this country to have an artist of that level.

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