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Journalists tried to separate Novak Djokovic and Carlos Alcaraz | Sports

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Journalists tried to separate Novak Djokovic and Carlos Alcaraz |  Sports

Carlos Alcaraz had an answer to the journalists’ attempts to separate him and Djokovic. They tried to get him to attack Novak, and he just said, “I would do the same!”

Source: Profimedia

Carlos Alcaraz he couldn’t stand it, the pain was stronger, he tried, fought to the end and refused to surrender. Novak Djokovic has finished the work and made it to the finals of Roland Garros, and the media had a handful of questions for the Spanish player after the match.

After the conversation with the media in English, it was the turn of the journalists to ask questions in Spanish and they tried to extract something that would put Novak and Carlos at odds. They didn’t succeed.

It hurts me a lot that I finished the semi-final in this way. I’m always trying to learn. Playing against Novak in the semi-finals, those are all things I’ve faced now and I’ll have to learn. It’s really hard for me right now,” Alcaraz began.

Then they asked him if he would do the same as Novak and tried to suggest that Djokovic made an unsportsmanlike move by celebrating the victory. Alcaraz reasoned smartly at that moment.

Everyone is different as a person, I know how difficult it is to play against someone who is not at 100 percent, to struggle to close a game, a set, a match. I don’t mind that, he did what he felt. I would have done the same if I had wonregardless of the fact that my rival might not be at his best.”

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He talked about his injury problems again. “It’s complicated to talk about everything, it started from the hand, went to the leg. I have to train more, to learn something from all this and to learn how to deal with it if it ever happens again”.

They also tried to suggest that the problems started because Novak went for a toilet break after the second set.

There are a lot of people who would say that if he went to the bathroom I would lose my rhythm or something, but that’s not true. He left, changed clothes, whatever, it didn’t affect me at all. The tension existed from the first game, the level was high and the match against Novak in those two sets was great.”

He also admits that nervousness was a big factor.

I was a little more nervous about playing with Novak, I would say it’s more the mental side. I failed to relax, to remove the pressure, the tension. From the start there was this greater tension, the intensity in the first two sets was incredible. Novak is a player who always asks you to be at your best, you can’t relax even a little bit, then that happened to me,” concluded Alcaraz.

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