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Jovana Jeremić entangled in Anđela Đuričić | Entertainment

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Jovana Jeremić entangled in Anđela Đuričić |  Entertainment

Jovana Jeremić “interfered” in a love triangle from the Cooperative and revealed that she never supports lovers, including Anđela Đuričić.

Izvor: Kurir TV/TV Pink/screenshot

Where there’s smoke there’s fire, but also Jovane Jeremić, who always comments on current events, so she revealed without a hair on her tongue what she thinks about the love triangle that has long been a topic in the public eye – Zvezdan Slavnić, his unmarried wife Ana Ćurčić and his girlfriend Andjeli Đuričić.

“I follow the triangle of Ana, Angela and Zvedan. My position is known, I do not make excuses for mistresses. Any woman who accepts to be someone else is a poor woman and a martyr. So that I don’t pretend to be a saint. I learned my lessons in my youth, and now I will use a Jovanism:Neither the first nor the second, just the only one‘”, she said Jovana Jeremic.

“I didn’t put my partners in the position of lovers. If you care about someone, then you don’t neglect them and don’t put them in second place“, said presenter Pinka, who expressed her opinion in a program on Red television, in which she also stated that she Moka Slavnić sent messages and invited her to dinner.

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