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Julio Okubo presents “Treasures of the Forest” collection – MONDO MODA

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Julio Okubo presents “Treasures of the Forest” collection – MONDO MODA

A Julio Okubo celebrates the beauty and diversity of the planet in the “Treasures of the Forest” collection. From delicate flower earrings to precious gemstone necklaces, each piece in the collection reflects the harmony between humans and nature, emphasizing the responsibility to protect the planet. Inspired by the biodiversity of Brazilian flora, each jewel presents itself as a powerful talisman, incorporating the essence of natural riches.

Julio Okubo @ disclosure

Maurício Okubo, CEO of Julio Okubo, highlights that just as nature provides unique experiences, these jewels unfold into elements that capture the vitality of the environment. “By using each piece, we intertwine our stories with the forest, celebrating the eternal union between human creativity and the magnitude of the Earth,” he declares.

Julio Okubo @ disclosure

The collection also explores the intersection of flora with seas and rivers, uniting Eastern tradition with Brazilian culture. “Each jewel carries the essence of natural riches and, just like nature that presents unique sensations, Julio Okubo jewels unfold into elements that incorporate the vitality of an environment that provides us with this incessant exchange of energy.”, explains the CEO of brand.

Julio Okubo @ disclosure

Julio Okubo reinforces its commitment based on three fundamental pillars: Pearls (tradition and reason for being), People (social responsibility) and Planet (sustainability). According to Maurício Okubo, the company is committed to becoming the most sustainable jewelry company in Brazil.

“We want to play a role in transforming society, which is why we increasingly want to connect with everything that involves people and the environment.”, he declares.

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