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Justice releases a video that would incriminate Jair Bolsonaro in an alleged coup attempt

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Justice releases a video that would incriminate Jair Bolsonaro in an alleged coup attempt

The Federal Police of Brazil is treating former President Jair Bolsonaro as evidence for an alleged coup attempt the video of an old meeting in which he calls to “do something” before the 2022 elections, according to the recording released this Friday by the Supreme Court.

“Everyone here (…) has something to lose. We can’t let the elections come and let what he is painting happen (…). We’re going to have to do something first“says Bolsonaro during the meeting with his ministers held on July 5, 2022, three months before the elections.

The former far-right president, in line with other known statements of his, complains about an electoral process that he considers unfairly tilted against him and says that if we do not “react” before the elections “chaos” will be unleashed, a “great guerrilla”, and a “bonfire”.

At the same time, Bolsonaro accuses several judges of the Supreme Court of being “preparing everything” so that Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva earn fraudulently in the first round of the elections, held on October 2, 2022.

The federal police carry out raids in the case of the events of January 8, 2023. Photo: Sergio Lima / AFP

Magistrate Alexandre de Moraes, in charge of the investigation into the ultra attacks in Brasilia on January 8, 2023, authorized the dissemination of the videos after certain extracts were published in Brazilian media.

What do Bolsonaro’s lawyers say?

After the disclosure, Bolsonaro’s lawyer, Fabio Wajngarten, stated on social networks that the opinions that appear in the video They are “absolutely public” and that “they are part of democracy,” and ruled out that the former president had advocated the use of force to remain in power.

At one point in the video, Bolsonaro says that he does not propose “measures of force. It is not shooting, it is not putting soldiers in the street and setting fires and machine-gunning.”

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The Federal Police investigates Bolsonaro for his alleged involvement in planning a coup d’état, in which the imprisonment of Supreme Court justices was planned and the transfer of powers was prevented, so on Thursday he requested his passport and He prohibited him from leaving the country.

In addition, as part of the investigations, the agents searched the homes of three former ministers and a former Navy commander involved in the alleged plot and arrested three former advisors of the far-right party and the president of its formation, Valdemar Costa Neto, of the Liberal Party. .

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