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Jutta Leerdam is racing for the diva stamp

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Jutta Leerdam is racing for the diva stamp

In the Netherlands, there is a storm around Jutta Leerdam, after it emerged this week that the skating profile separates teams with Jumbo-Visma.

On Instagram Leerdam has over four million followers, and the 25-year-old is with YouTuber Jake Paul.

On Monday came the news of the break with the team, conveyed by the big newspaper The Telegraph in the following way:

“Skating diva Jutta Leerdam must look for a new employer”.

DONE: Jutta Lerdam’s time in Jumbo-Visma is over. Photo: Piroschka Van De Wouw / Reuters / NTB

– I am a winner

The team’s boss, who is skating legend Sven Kramer, says that they made an offer, but that they did not get the response they wanted.

– Last week we decided to stop the negotiations and end the collaboration, says Kramer to the newspaper.

The mention makes Leerdam stiff.

– I wish them the best, but I am now portrayed as some kind of diva. I’m not that at all, I’m a winner, the star answers bluntly in a big interview with The Telegraph.

CLEAR: Jutta Leerdam believes she is being misrepresented. Photo: Angelika Warmuth / Reuters / NTB

Leerdam believes that she is stigmatized for the way she looks and behaves.

– I wear make-up, nice clothes and am active on social media, but if I were really a diva, I would choose the money. It’s not about that. I’m skating to win Olympic gold and I want the best way to get there.

– What she does is damn smart

Former skater Hege Bøkko has previously competed against the Dutchman.

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– Basically, the way Jutta sells is damn smart. People may have thoughts about the content, but she has in many ways saved skating. By getting all eyes on them, there are many more people who know what ice skating actually is, says Bøkko to TV 2.

SUPPORT: Hege Bøkko has started as a skater and has featured as an expert for Viaplay, VG and NRK. Photo: Geir Olsen / NTB

Holingen has only positive impressions from the times she has met the Dutchman.

– She is always pleasant, friendly and offers an interview when asked. An extremely good performer who is honest, genuine and doesn’t hide how she feels.

Leerdam himself is particularly disappointed with Kramer.

– How this is communicated from the team feels like a knife in the back, she says and continues:

– Sven thinks it is about a negotiation or an offer. It’s not about salary at all. Despite their good financial offer, I actually wanted a new sporty everyday life.

DISAGREEMENT: Sven Kramer decided to end Jumbo-Visma’s collaboration with Jutta Leerdam. Here from his time as an ice skater. Photo: Erik Pasman / BILDBYRÅN

– Better to separate

Furthermore, Leerdam says that she made several proposals to reach an agreement, to no avail.

– Then it is better to separate. I certainly don’t want to throw rubbish, but the way this is conveyed is unnecessary and disrespectful.

Bøkko believes the superstar will have few problems finding a new team

– There are probably several others who are ready considering the status she has, also outside the skating world.

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The skating ace from s-Gravenzande can point to four WC gold medals. In February this year, it was bronze in Calgary.

– I destroyed myself on the last round, Leerdam told disappointedly NRK.

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