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JVC LX-NZ30 DLP laser 4K XPR

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JVC LX-NZ30 DLP laser 4K XPR

JVC LX-NZ30 DLP laser 4K XPR

After a very average LX-NZ3 (see its test on the blog), the Japanese manufacturer champion of D-ILA projectors is once again disloyal to transmissive LCD panels to contemplate itself in the micro-mirrors specific to Texas Instruments chips.

Scheduled to ship at the end of March 2023, the LX-NZ30 4K ($3699) is a low-latency model that supports frame rates up to 1080p/240Hz. It has a 20,000-hour, high-power BLU-Escent hybrid laser light source with a brightness of 3,300 lumens (presumably from BenQ).

An assembly of blue laser diodes boosts the 95 watts of power used in its predecessor (LX-NZ3) to 105 watts to achieve a 10% increase in brightness. JVC says this high brightness allows its new benchmark to be used in rooms with ambient lighting, while increasing dynamic range and peak HDR brightness. Additionally, the projector detects the incoming signal and automatically selects the best picture mode so HDR content can be enjoyed without having to adjust individual settings. It supports HDR10 and HLG formats.

Dynamic dimming controls light output in real time. This dynamic control of the laser by brightness on a scene-by-scene basis is supposed to improve black levels.

With 1080P/240Hz input, JVC claims latency is just 6.25ms (1.5 frames) for smooth gaming on a large screen. The projector has two HDCP 2.3 compatible HDMI inputs, a DisplayPort 1.2a input for connection to a PC equipped with this type of input terminal, a USB Type C Direct Connect port and ports for RS232C, LAN and a 12 volt trigger.

With a 1.6x zoom, the NZ30 offers manual lens shift with ±60% vertical and ±23% horizontal movement range for greater installation flexibility. In addition to Keystone Correction, which adjusts horizontal, vertical and tilt, the projector offers Angle Adjustment with Keystone to correct distortion in each area.

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It will be available at the end of March 2023, in black or white at a price of €3,699.


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