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“Kalya – Act of Confidence”

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“Kalya – Act of Confidence”

Kalya’s adventures continue and with frenetic action and aspects of the girl’s past, they fascinate the reader more and more, involved in a fantasy that tries to stay on linear tracks without too many secondary stories that could cause confusion and a rather complicated plot, making lose verve to the narrative.

“Kalya- Act of Trust” subject by Luca Lamberti and Leonardo Cantone with drawings by Dario Tallarico, published by Bugs Comics, presents us more and more in particular this world and the adventure increasingly assumes the script of a RPG, in which each component of the company, puts their skills into play but above all, page after page they team up more and more trusting each other, becoming an indissoluble group.

Kalya’s party is heading towards Hobur advancing into the territories of the dwarves, when Mr. Varnon unleashes an army of infected in an advanced state, controlled with runes, in order to take possession of the Alkest, before it reaches Hobur and that the disease is reclaimed at its source, so Varnon could no longer use the Elixir.

Leena’s chariot is attacked and a wheel shattered, so much so that the vehicle falls into a cliff and under the rubble, the alchemist and Kalya are trapped, with the latter she begins to tell him her story and the drama that accompanies it , the discrimination she had as a child, the study carried out with her mother’s partner who was an arcanist, the death of her mother Neba, the escape, the meeting with Tagh….

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In the meantime Calon, Aridan and Tagh who has the Alkest in custody, escape pursued by Varnon’s thugs, reaching the Rock Throne, in which the effigy of the megalomaniac monarch Gjaldest Hamon-Darn is partially represented…

Pleasant story with drawings that do justice to the events, with a well-defined action, the fights are well done without diminishing in the chaotic, indeed they give the impression that everything moves between the tables, almost creating the noises of the ranks of enemies who with the heavy footsteps pursue the heroes, the din of the metal that crosses with the opponents’ swords, the cries of incitement to battle: almost as if it were a film.

Interesting in this issue is discovering Kalya’s past which will undoubtedly have important effects on the continuation of events, giving us a more complete vision of the girl and entering her behavior psychology, even if some mysteries continue to remain.

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