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Kalya: “Hamon-Darn” – Mondo Japan

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Kalya: “Hamon-Darn” – Mondo Japan

The events in the fantastic lands of Theia continue with a very comic book in which some ancient secrets are revealed.

Kalya “Hamon-Darn”, with story and screenplay by Luca Lamberti and Leonardo Cantone with drawings by Vittorio Santi, published by Bugs Comics, leads the reader or rather begins to give some answers on the existence of the Gjaldest.

The alchemist Leena, who despite being of Sarabrian origins, has the trust of King Negon and the Dalmar Prime Minister, who give her the task of bringing the Gjaldest Hamon-Darn from Harbo, near Galdor and locked up in the castle’s dungeons .

Leena is shown the secret documents, contained in the chest, regarding Hamon-Darn, which tells the story of the gray pilgrim, who was not killed by the future King Galdor, as told and disclosed throughout the Lands but failing to eliminate him, he was segregated.

In this mission, the alchemist will be helped by the high alchemist Doven and by Kalya who has received permission from the king to remain in the Kingdom…

A book full of twists and revelations, in a frenetic succession that leaves the reader almost breathless. Intense and excellently structured narratively, so much so that, although rich in information and events, it is easy to read, without the risk of missing any fundamental element of the story.

Kalya, in all these issues, has demonstrated that when the script focuses on action or on the revelation of important points for the evolution of events, it is compelling and leads to an immersive reading so much so that one can identify with the characters and find oneself in those fantastic lands. While she loses some lucidity, when she slips into the tangled and Machiavellian court and political intrigues, she loses fluidity and freshness.

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The various characters continue to have a psychological and character growth that leads them to be increasingly charismatic, primarily the alchemist Leena, with Kalya who in her new form is much more determined with a more pleasant and engaging attitude.

The screenplay, supported by an intriguing design with great attention to detail to provide a broad vision of this world, is leading us on a path that will certainly reserve emotions, pathos and lots of action, almost as if it were an RPG.

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