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Karen Celebertti: The Ortega and Murillo regime banishes the director of Miss Nicaragua

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Karen Celebertti: The Ortega and Murillo regime banishes the director of Miss Nicaragua

The director of Miss Nicaragua, Karen Celebertti, was banished by the regime of Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo upon her return to the country from Mexico. Celebertti, who also accompanied Miss Nicaragua to the Miss Universe pageant, was prevented from entering Nicaragua by immigration authorities upon landing at the airport in Managua. She was forced to return to Mexico after spending several hours waiting at the air terminal.

This incident occurred just one day before the Miss Universe pageant, where Miss Nicaragua was crowned the winner. However, Celebertti, accompanied by her daughter, was still barred from entering Nicaragua. Subsequently, her house was reportedly raided by the police and her husband was detained for several hours before being released.

The banishment of Celebertti is believed to have been a decision made by the Ortega-Murillo family, as it was reported that both herself and Miss Nicaragua were initially banned from returning to the country. The ban on Celebertti’s entry is seen as a response to Miss Nicaragua’s victory, which was celebrated by thousands of people in Nicaragua despite the regime’s strict ban on public demonstrations.

The victory of Miss Nicaragua in the Miss Universe pageant left the Ortega-Murillo government in an uncomfortable position, as they had previously denigrated her in official propaganda. The ruling party’s changing stance towards Palacios’ victory was evident in their attempts to congratulate her while also criminalizing any public celebrations of her achievement.

Despite the political tensions surrounding her victory, critics of the regime view Miss Nicaragua’s triumph as a symbol of hope for a country that has been engulfed in despair since the 2018 political protests. Notably, almost 700,000 people have fled the country due to political persecution and economic crisis.

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Ultimately, the banishment of Celebertti and the regime’s attempts to hijack the narrative surrounding Miss Nicaragua’s victory highlight the political significance of her crowning as Miss Universe.

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