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Katia Palma rejects Johana San Miguel’s greeting live on Friendship Day

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Katia Palma rejects Johana San Miguel’s greeting live on Friendship Day

Katia Palma dismisses Johana San Miguel’s greeting on Friendship Day. (capture: This is War).

Strong revelations. It is widely recognized that the presenters Johanna San Miguel and Katia Palma do not have the best friendship, something that is evident in the constant disagreements they have in the program they carry out together with Renzo Shuller and Christian Rivero, ‘Esto es Guerra’.

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On this occasion, taking advantage of ‘Friendship Day’, at the beginning of the program, both Christian and Renzo extended greetings for the ‘Day of Love and Friendship’, a moment that Johanna also decided to use to address her partner.

Katia Palma insults Johanna San Miguel live by rejecting her Valentine’s Day greeting. (Capture: This is War)

“I want to wish my new partner a happy day. Happy Day, Katia,” the actress is heard saying live, without waiting for the response from the new host of América television.

Apparently, the presenter tried to overcome the differences with the former member of Latina, but the latter had an unexpected reaction. San Miguel greeted her on this special day, but Katia chose to ignore her greeting, causing surprise to many present in the studio. What was the outcome of this situation?

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After this incident, Palma decided to leave the set quickly before going to court, while Christian Rivero tried to stop her from acting that way and leaving Johanna without an answer. In the video you can see how the actress received a hug from Patricio Parodi as consolation.

Johanna San Miguel recalled her bad experience when she worked at Latina TV. | America TV

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This would not be the first time that Johanna San Miguel and Katia Palma have had a disagreement. Recently, the remembered ‘Queca’ from ‘Pataclaun’ minimized Katia’s role as host in Raúl Romero’s emblematic program ‘Habacilar’, expressing that she perceived her “hidden” during the broadcast of said program and that she never saw her. driving.

“Do you know where Katia Palma was in ‘Habacilar’? Up on a balcony hidden (…) I never saw you drive, when have I seen you drive in your life? Never. I think you had a program on channel 2, but it came out after 6 days,” was the comment made by the leader of the ‘Guerreros’.

Katia Palma responds to Johanna San Miguel for saying that she is unaware of her time in ‘Habacilar’. (Composition: Infobae)

As anticipated, San Miguel’s statements were not ignored by Katia Palma, who responded firmly to her channel partner. In an interview for América Espectáculos, the comedian defended her role in ‘Habacilar’, highlighting that the program was a leader in its time slot while it aired and emphasizing her key contribution as co-host.

“When I did ‘Habacilar’, which, please, was the leader in its schedule, I co-hosted with Raúl. That she didn’t find out is because she was definitely partying, she was partying, I don’t know what she was up to. Let her be informed,” said the actress also for the cameras of América Espectáculos.

Johanna San Miguel confronted Katia Palma. | America TV

Katia Palma accused her program partner of having sunk Latina at the time, in clear reference to her time in different television projects. Johanna San Miguel defended her career, highlighting the quality of ‘Yo Soy’ and her relationship with director Ricardo Morán.

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“Yes, but I ran away. ‘Yo Soy’ is an extraordinary program. Ricardo (Morán) is an extraordinary director, the best, but as a channel it is something else, when I was making ‘Pataclaun’ it was something else, why aren’t you there,” he said.

Given this, Katia responded strongly: “You sank channel 2, you sank it, damn it, Ricardo, at what moment,” Palma responded.

Johanna San Miguel faced Katia Palma in ‘Esto es Guerra’. (Photo: TV Capture)

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