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Katrine Lunde – New message

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Katrine Lunde – New message

– I’m fine, says Katrine Lunde to Dagbladet.

The star goalkeeper does not want to say more at this time. Neither does general manager of Vipers, Benedicte Løyland.

– She is fine. That is what I can say, Løyland tells Dagbladet.

Dramatic images

There were dramatic TV images as the Vipers claimed their 20th win in as many league games. At 9-8 after 21 minutes, Lunde sealed the game. She received medical attention and left the track in her own machine around three and a half minutes later.

Vipers Kristiansand won the match against Romerike Ravens 33-27.

Facts: Handball Eliteserien women Wednesday

Handball elite series women Wednesday, 21st round:

Byåsen – Follo 33-25 (17-11)

193 spectators

Top scorers Byåsen: Aurora Kjellevold Hatle and Fride Heggdal Stølen 6.

Follo: Eline Osland and Andrea Landås Gabrielsen 5.

Expulsions: Byåsen 2 x 2 min, Follo 2 x 2 min.

Fana – Fredrikstad 24-28 (14-17)

242 spectators

Top scorer Fana: Martine Kårigstad Andersen 9.

Fredrikstad: Julie Hulleberg 7.

Expulsions: Fana 1 x 2 min, Fredrikstad 3 x 2 min.

Gjerpen – Molde 22-26 (8-13)

Top scorer Gjerpen: Hannah Kjelstad Høsøien 6.

Molde: Christine Karlsen Alver 7.

Expulsions: Gjerpen 1 x 2 min, Molde 1 x 2 min.

Sola – Tertnes 37-31 (20-17)

395 spectators

Top scorer Sola: Malin Holta 10.

Tertnes: Henriette Espetvedt Eggen, Rikke Midtfjeld and Maria Bergslien Gald 6.

Expulsions: Sola 4 x 2 min, Tertnes 3 x 2 min. and one red card.

Vipers Kristiansand – Romerike Ravens 33-27 (14-12)

867 spectators

Top scorer Vipers: Anna Vjakhireva 8.

Romerike Ravens: Maja Muri 7.

Expulsions: Vipers 2 x 2 min, Romerike Ravens 1 x 2 min.

Sea view

– She just got dizzy, probably due to a drop in blood pressure. She is being checked at the emergency room. Beyond that, I can’t say much more, Vipers physiotherapist Trond Solvang added The friend of the fatherland.

– It was a terrifying experience, but luckily we were told that she seems to be OK. I was worried, teammate Anna Vjakhireva told the local newspaper.

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