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Kina and Yuk, his dubbing gets off on the wrong foot

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Kina and Yuk, his dubbing gets off on the wrong foot

The documentary film is scheduled to hit the cinemas on March 7th Kina e Yuk, the adventure of a pair of polar foxes in the far north of the planet, in the ice zone of the Great Canadian North. Entrusted exclusively to Adler Entertainment for the Italian version, has already sparked a small debate on social media due to a choice that is not appreciated by a large audience, especially among young people.

The narrative voice external to the scenes was in fact entrusted to Benedetta Rossi, well-known Italian blogger, writer and television presenter. A professional figure that goes poorly with that of a voice actress. It is already easy to deduce from the presentation above that, although she may have received acclaim as an amateur cook on social media, to the point of hosting something on television, she is clearly not the best choice for an emotional documentary in which the external voice should act as master and envelop the viewer in the journey of these two creatures in an intimate and warm way.

Obviously far be it from us to blame and attack Benedetta, but as is our norm we would like to make some reflections on the choices made by companies from which we expect more thoughtful choices, but above all useful for improving their image.

With the myriad of young talents, more or less known, as well as students from dubbing schools, it appears to be a misstep to entrust such a delicate role to an influencer. A task which, with at least good diction, would have attracted much less attention. The intelligibility of his is in fact particularly poor, the emphasis on the vocabulary is not impeccable, and the final result is a connotation of malus which incites the professionals (or possible aspirants) who have invested money and many years to be able to have a part, also secondary, to be included in the curriculum. Here we are even talking about an entire narrative voice for the entire duration of the documentary. A part that would probably also have cost much less financially if entrusted to a non-VIP person.

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Thus, on the Adler Entertainment Instagram profile, there was no shortage of rifts between Benedetta’s supporters, enthusiastic about the news, often bordering on religious adulation, and all the people who consider this choice to be unethical, incorrect and a symptom of wrong thinking. that doesn’t want to change. Littizzetto in The Simpsons was tolerated because she was passing through, but above all because she was the perfect voice for the judge. Minus Matano and Belen, brought in for their television and entertainment popularity. Rossi, on the other hand, is considered completely out of place for such an emotional product in which the extensive use of a guiding voice that lulls you throughout the journey should be the prerogative of a focused professional with the gift of fascinating people, keeping them glued to the screen thanks to the sound and visual synergy.

Although in bland tones (fortunately) it is fun to note the struggle between “what a beautiful dubbing, very good” and “go back to the kitchen, you were perfect there, leave the dubbing to the professionals”. Not least those who say that the grandchildren will be delighted to see this documentary with Benedetta’s voice. We are left with the doubt that these poor children are really interested in Rossi’s voice, as well as in the entire journey of these two foxes who, although cute and cuddly, do not offer much entertainment. Especially in this period in which between going to the cinema to see “Kina and Yuk and “Me against You”, we are sure that the almost majority would choose the second. On the other hand, some joke about the fact that their daughter who has been studying dubbing for years will be happy with this choice!

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Although it is probably an excellent choice that of a female voice, which in the imagination manages to convey the unconditional affection of a mother for her children (as if she were talking about her children), ethically and also professionally this was certainly a misstep . We are not talking about the documentary of the century, so there are unlikely to be any major repercussions, but once again the opportunity has been missed to help young people and professionals grow thanks to the belief that the influencer will make you hit the box office.

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