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King Harald has a birthday – turns 87

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King Harald has a birthday – turns 87

King Harald’s birthday is Wednesday, and he may be celebrating abroad. It will be a private celebration, the Castle informs NTB.

King Harald turns 87 on Wednesday. He is putting behind him a content-rich year. Photo: Ole Berg-Rusten / NTB

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Published: 21/02/2024 06:56 | Updated: 21/02/2024 08:40

The Royal Household could announce on Monday that the king is on a private trip abroad next week, but the trip may have started earlier. Thus, it is conceivable that he celebrates the day abroad, which he has done several times before.

At the latest on his 85th birthday in 2022, the king and the entire close family went on a winter holiday together abroad.

King Harald was born on 21 February 1937 at Skaugum and, at 87, is the oldest monarch in Europe.

But despite his age, the 87-year-old left an eventful and active year behind him, with official trips both at home and abroad.

The royal family shares a photo of the king on his birthday.

Caught salmon of 10 kilos

The king’s aim is to visit all the country’s municipalities, and after the county trip to Nordland last summer, he is only missing 18 out of 357 municipalities. In October, he was also put on his list by Flå municipality.

In August, the king was in Mjøndalen and got to see the consequences of extreme weather Hans up close. In March, he visited the Garrison in Sør-Varanger, which guards Norway’s border with Russia.

Since his last birthday, the king has also made a big catch. On his annual fishing trip in the Altaelva last summer, he caught a salmon of over 10 kilos, could Altaposten report.

– It was a completely normal salmon of between 10 and 11 kilos, so fish – one got it. But there was little water, and it was warm in the water, said the king.

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King Harald visiting the Garrison in Sør-Varanger, which guards the border with Russia, in March last year. Photo: Jan Langhaug / NTB

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Stumbled in Denmark

In September, the royal couple attended the celebration of Swedish King Carl Gustaf’s 50 years on the throne, and in June the royal couple paid an official visit to Denmark.

The Denmark tour started a bit turbulently when King Harald tripped on the red carpet, but he took the fall with humor, something he is well known for.

– We had a reception where I demonstrated my deep admiration for Queen Margrethe – it went well, the king said afterwards.

King Harald stumbled on the red carpet in Copenhagen. Photo: Lise Åserud / NTB

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Here in Norway, the king has welcomed both Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyj in December and a state visit from Tanzanian President Samia Suluhu Hassan this February.

They also celebrated Crown Prince Haakon and Crown Princess Mette-Marit’s 50th birthdays in the castle’s backyard in the summer.

The king received Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyj at the castle last December. Photo: Fredrik Varfjell / NTB.

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– Boring

The last year has also offered some periods of illness for the king, and he has been on sick leave with infections and corona disease.

Last summer he was admitted to Rikshospitalet for a week.

– What I can say is that it was boring, said the king and laughed heartily when he had to summarize the illness afterwards.

– Lasts a lifetime

King Harald has previously made it resoundingly clear that he will carry out his duties to “the bitter end”, and that he has no intention of abdicating.

He also repeated that in January, just over a week after Danish Queen Margrethe abdicated the throne in favor of her son, King Frederik 10.

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– I maintain what I have said all along, that I have taken an oath to the Storting, and it lasts for life, the king told NTB during a visit to Pressens Hus in Oslo.

– I haven’t really made up any new thoughts about it, he said.

Almost two out of three Norwegians support the king’s election, a recent opinion poll shows.

The measurement was made for Norstat on behalf of NRK.

64 percent, answer in the Norstat survey that they support King Harald’s decision to sit on the throne for life.

For their part, around two out of ten respond that they think he should abdicate as Queen Margrethe.

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