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King Harald, Malaysia | King Harald landed in Norway: – Is recovering

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King Harald, Malaysia |  King Harald landed in Norway: – Is recovering

On Sunday evening at 22.58, the converted SAS plane in which the king was a passenger landed at Gardermoen Airport in Oslo.

– The air transport went well and the King is recovering, the Royal Palace writes in one press release.

The landing has generated enormous interest, and on the website Flightradar, there were at most close to 100,000 people who followed the approach.

Twelve minutes past midnight, on the night of Monday, the king arrived at the Rikshospitalet.

There he will be admitted to an isolated ward to be checked for, among other things, MRSA, which are resistant bacteria.

Remains in hospital

The royal palace states that the king will be admitted to the National Hospital for examinations, and he will be on sick leave for two weeks.

– The king will remain in the hospital for a few days, for treatment and rest, they write.

King Harald in hospital

  • King Harald contracted an infection during a holiday trip to Malaysia.
  • On Friday 1 March he is reported to be on the mend.
  • He is admitted to the Sultanah Maliha Hospital on the holiday island of Langkawi.
  • A Boeing 737-700 medical evacuation plane is ready on the island to transport the king to Norway.
  • On Saturday 2 March, the news came that he had operated on a temporary pacemaker.
  • On Sunday 3 March just before 11 p.m., the king landed at Oslo Airport.

During this period, Crown Prince Haakon will be regent and take over the king’s constitutional duties.

Around half an hour after landing, King Harald’s cortege was on its way from Gardermoen to Rikshospitalet. The cortege had several cars, police motorcycles and an intensive care ambulance, photos from NTB show.

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Støre: – I wish the king a speedy recovery

King Harald has been hospitalized with an infection since Tuesday. He and Queen Sonja (86) have been in Malaysia on a private holiday trip on the occasion of the king’s recent birthday.

– On behalf of the government, I would like to welcome our king home. I am happy that the journey went well and that the king is now safe at home in Norway, says Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Støre to NTB.

The Prime Minister thanks everyone who has worked in recent days to facilitate the return journey for the King and Queen, both here at home and in Malaysia.

– I wish our king a continued good recovery and look forward to him being able to continue the good and important work he does for our country, Støre continues.

Increased security

The police ask road users who are on the roads on Sunday evening to show consideration and continue to drive as normal when King Harald is to be taken to the Rikshospitalet.

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– We have taken our measures, but what they are, I will not comment now. Operations manager Terje Marstad in the East police district told NTB earlier today.

Already at 20.35, two and a half hours before the expected arrival, there was a large turnout from the emergency services at Gardermoen airport, writes The daily newspaper.

– Road users must not become too curious. If you show consideration and drive as normal you will be fine. You must not obstruct traffic or stop where you are not allowed to stop, continued the operations manager.

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– A good sign

Three quarters of an hour before the estimated landing time, it is completely dark in the vast majority of rooms at the Castle, apart from a few windows on the upper floors.

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– There is light in the windows of the private apartment the royal couple has at the Royal Palace. This could mean that the Queen plans to move into the Palace upon arrival in Norway, writes Nettavisen’s royal house expert, Tove Taalesen, in a text message.

She points out that it may be due to practical reasons, as the Palace is close to the National Hospital, where the king will lie.

– It seems that it is quiet at the Royal Court as the windows are otherwise darkened. It could be a good sign of King Harald’s health situation, she explains further.

– Why is this a good sign?

– If there had been light in all offices and meeting rooms, it would have meant that there were many employees at work. It’s not usual on a Sunday night. If there is a crisis surrounding the health situation, I would think that more staff in the support functions would have to be at work.

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