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Kinshasa, the city with a thousand faces |  The librist

Kinshasa, the city of a thousand faces, is the capital of the Democratic Republic of Congo. This African megalopolis teems with life, music and color, offering a unique blend of tradition and modernity. To pay homage to this vibrant city where I first saw sunlight, I wrote a poem to celebrate its beauty and cultural richness.

“Kinshasa, the city with a thousand faces,

Where every street corner offers a new landscape,

Where tradition and modernity mingle,

In a whirlwind of life and electricity. »

This is how our poem begins, which tries to capture the essence of Kinshasa in a few verses. This lively and cosmopolitan city offers an incomparable living experience, with colorful markets, lively bars, fascinating museums and welcoming neighborhoods. The poem is a way to pay homage to this magnetic city and to let our imagination wander on its chaotic and lively streets.

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“Kinshasa, the city where culture is in full swing,

Where music is queen and rhythm every morning,

Where artists create tirelessly,

To offer residents moments of eternity. »

Kinshasa is a city where culture is omnipresent, with an abundant and dynamic artistic scene. Festivals are plentiful and attract visitors from across the region, such as the Amani Festival, which takes place every February and celebrates peace and reconciliation through music and the arts.

Art galleries are also very numerous in Kinshasa, with exhibitions that highlight local and international artists, and allow you to discover the richness of Congolese culture.

Musicians, guitarist, dancing lady
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Makeshift theaters and concert halls are also meeting places for culture lovers, with a rich and varied program that allows you to discover new talent and be surprised by original and inspiring shows.

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“Kinshasa, the city where art is everywhere,

Where music flows and resonates in every moment,

Where the rumba is transmitted genetically,

Where kidney games are a matter of state,

Where festivals celebrate life and diversity,

In an artistic and creative effervescence. »

Kinshasa’s cultural life is therefore a real asset for the city, which continues to attract new visitors and position itself as an essential destination for lovers of culture and art. This cultural richness is also a vector of development for the city, by promoting job creation and contributing to the economic dynamism of the region.

“Kinshasa, the city where you eat with your fingers,

Where fufu is king and the dishes are full of joy,

Where the spices exhale their fragrance,

To awaken everyone’s taste buds. »

The gastronomy of Kinshasa is just as rich and varied as its culture and traditions. The typical dishes of the city are real delights for the taste buds, and offer a culinary journey through the flavors of Central Africa.

Fufu, for example, is a dish made from cassava flour, which is eaten with a sauce rich in vegetables and meat. Cassava is also a staple in Congolese cuisine, and can be eaten in different forms, such as mashed potatoes or crisps.

Plat you fufu
© Iwaria

Meat skewers are also very popular in Kinshasa, and can be enjoyed at the city’s many street stalls. Braised chicken is another must-try dish, it’s called chicken mayo, often served with fries or chikwange or plantains. With powdered hot pepper seasoning, sold for nearly $2.

As far as drinks are concerned, Primus beer is the best known and most consumed in Kinshasa. It is brewed locally and comes in several varieties, for all tastes. La Castel has been the presidential beer since, if you have any doubts, ask Macron he will tell you the flavor of this well-flavoured beer from the maquis of Paris Kinshasa, Bandal notre Paris. Fresh fruit juices are also very popular, and can be purchased at the city markets.


« Kinshasa, city of a thousand flavors,

Where cassava and fufu are kings on the plate,

Where grilled meat skewers delight the taste buds,

And Primus beer quenches the locals’ thirst.

A rich and varied gastronomy, which celebrates the life and traditions of the city,

And invites visitors to discover the pleasures of the Congolese table. »

Kinshasa’s gastronomy is therefore a real culinary treasure, which deserves to be discovered and savored by visitors to the city. It reflects the richness of Congolese culture, and allows you to immerse yourself in the traditions and flavors of Central Africa.


Kinshasa waiting for frozen food: another half-hearted promise?

“Kinshasa, the welcoming city,

Where every stranger feels at home,

Where every African is confused and does not need papers,

I invite you to come and experience this city that is suffering with a smile on your face”

Ask and we will tell you, Kinshasa is a city where poetry is present everywhere, in the streets, the museums, the markets and the hearts of the inhabitants.

Benjamin Lovua, ndjili international airport

“Kinshasa, the city of a thousand smiles,

Where every day is a new page,

Where poetry is queen and life is beautiful,

In a whirlwind of love and wonders. »

This poem is a tribute to Kinshasa, a unique and fascinating city that never ceases to surprise and inspire. We hope that this article has made you want to discover this incredible city, where life is a poem in the open air and only when its sky closes does the city become crowdable, when these streets are made up and its perfume of sand seeds marvel your days.

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Let yourself be charmed by its beauty, its culture and its dynamism, drawing inspiration from the verses of the poem to discover the different facets of this city of a thousand faces. Because Kinshasa is much more than just a city, it is a concentrate of history, culture and life just waiting to be explored and enjoyed.

Kinshasa, place de la Gare, Gare centrale
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The complete poem

"Kinshasa, la ville aux mille visages,

Où chaque coin de rue offre un nouveau paysage,

Où se mêlent traditions et modernité,

Dans un tourbillon de vie et d'électricité.

Ici, les voitures klaxonnent sans relâche,

Les piétons slaloment entre les étals et les taches,

De toutes les couleurs, les odeurs, les saveurs,

Qui font de Kinshasa un véritable trésor.

Au bord du fleuve Congo, majestueux,

La ville s'étend, vibrant sous le ciel lumineux,

Et la musique résonne dans chaque recoin,

Offrant une bande-son à cette ville sans fin.

Kinshasa, tu es l'âme de l'Afrique,

Où la vie bouillonne sans trêve ni répit,

Où les sourires sont sincères et les regards francs,

Où chaque instant est une aventure et un défi.

Ville en mouvement perpétuel, tu nous inspires,

Avec tes couleurs, tes sons et tes sourires,

Et tu resteras toujours dans nos cœurs,

Kinshasa, ville aux mille visages et aux mille saveurs."

Benjamin Lovua 

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