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Kobe Bryant, clash in court: wife Vanessa sues for photos of remains, psychiatric expertise requested

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Vanessa Bryant is determined to get justice for her “emotional stress”, and Los Angeles County responds by asking for a psychiatric evaluation for the woman. “A cruel request,” according to his lawyers. Kobe Bryant’s widow is suing for images of human remains found in the area of ​​the helicopter crash where her husband and daughter Giann were traveling taken and shared by some rescuers.

Kobe Bryant with daughter Gianna

In her deposition of October 12, Vanessa Bryant – who on March 18 had published documents and names of the agents involved on Instagram – relived the day of the accident: she was at home with two of the children – she said – when around 11.30 am morning a collaborator of the family had knocked on the door communicating the accident, specifying however that there were five survivors. Vanessa then asked if Kobe and Gianna were among them but the assistant replied that she didn’t know anything. While trying to contact her husband, the woman had started receiving notifications on her cell phone with ‘RIP Kobe’, rest in peace Kobe.

Before the news was even officially communicated to her, Vanessa Bryant had run to the airport in an attempt to get on a helicopter to transport them to the accident site but had been rejected because the weather conditions did not guarantee safety. Vanessa then got into the car with a Lakers manager and reached the scene of the accident: when they told her the news of the death she had explicitly asked to make sure that no one took pictures. The widow then told in the courtroom that she had taken Kobe and Gianna’s clothes from the area: “If their clothes are representative of the condition of their bodies, I cannot imagine how someone could be so treacherous and spread the images as if they were animals. on the road”.

The deposition comes at a pivotal time in the clash, with Los Angeles County calling for independent medical and psychiatric evaluations of Vanessa Bryant and others suing authorities for emotional distress. “When public servants violate the privacy and constitutional rights of the citizens they have sworn to defend – was the comment of the woman’s lawyers – the victims must cross the caudine pits to seek justice. We are faced with a cruel request”.

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