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“La flor” the new single by Sílvia Pérez Cruz

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“La flor” the new single by Sílvia Pérez Cruz

the catalan singer Silvia Perez Cruz presents “La flor”, his new single and third advance of what will be your eighth album alone that will see the light this primavera.

The artist reflects on the strength of nature and the immensity of landscapes in her new single “La flor”, the third preview of what will be her next album “All life, one day”. This album tells us about the different stages of a person’s life through different ages. The song opens one day before the pre-sale of the singer’s new album.

The song reflects on the ages of life. As can be seen in the images of the video clip, the song talks about these stages, comparing them with the growth of a flower. Sílvia herself confessed that “when I was locked up during the pandemic, I began to pay attention to how the plants were blooming in my house and nature in the countryside and I understood that, sometimes, the great immensities, it is good to arrange them flower by flower”.

The first part of the single came from the songs that the Catalan singer composed for her friends and it was here, where she thought about the parallels between nature and people. The second part was born on her trip to Romania. The songs on the new album have an order and a meaning: “La flor” arrives, then “Toda la vida, un día”, the song that gives its eighth solo album its name, and finally there would be “Naming is impossible”. . All this new project will see the light this spring.

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