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Lady Gaga is pregnant? That’s what the singer says

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Lady Gaga is pregnant?  That’s what the singer says

Lady Mama as a substitute of Lady Gaga? Rumors concerning the singer’s being pregnant have been swirling – at the least amongst her followers. The set off was the paparazzi images that confirmed Lady Gaga at her sister’s wedding ceremony. Fans thought they may see a small bump on her abdomen. Now the singer is talking out – with the assistance of Taylor Swift!

In a TikTok video she revealed: “I’m not pregnant.” But that isn’t sufficient. He goes on to write down: “Just crying on the ground is unhealthy within the gymnasium” (in German, simply unhappy, crying within the gymnasium). This is the place Taylor Swift comes into play – the phrases from the refrain of her tune “Down Bad”. Swift was additionally rumored to be pregnant a couple of days in the past.

The singer ended up utilizing this chance to name his 9.3 million followers to register to vote. He killed two birds with one stone.

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