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Laetitia Sadier, Sierra Sonora, Airbag, Bywater Call…

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Laetitia Sadier, Sierra Sonora, Airbag, Bywater Call…

From Zarata, the Euskadi, Navarra and La Rioja program of Mondo Sonoro, we suggest the next concert events which you could get pleasure from in our space within the coming days.

You can seek the advice of our agenda right here. Here are our recommendations for the twenty first week of 2024:

Bywater Call
Mi.22 Cafe Theater · Bilbao 20:00
Thursday 26 Dabadaba · Donostia 20:00

Laetitia Sadier and the Source Ensemble
Mi.22 Dabadaba · Donostia 20:00

Airbag + Lucy
Ju.23 Coffee Theater · Bilbao 22:00

Hang Massive + Nasiri
Ju. 23 Santana 27 · Bilbao 18:30

Lie Detectors
Ju.23 Gaztetxea · Monastere 22:00

River Club
Ju.23 Central – room 2 · Pamplona 20:00

Vi.24 Last · Bilbao 21:00

Valeria Castro
Vi.24 Kursaal · Donostia 20:00

Music Legends Warm Up: McEnroe
Vi.24 Punta Begoña · Getxo 20:00

New Catholic Catechism + Flash
Vi.24 Dabadaba · Donostia 20:00

Diego Vasallo
Vi.24 Central – Room 2 · Pamplona 21:00

Vi.24 Sala Fundicón · Logroño 22:30

The Sierra Sonora – Viniegra de Abajo
Vi.24 Valira + Mutagenics + Tangerine Sistas
Sat.25 Tol Sarmiento + Nøgen + Awakate + Idoia + Broken Brothers Brass Band

Streetwise + Arene 6 + Against You + Dirty Old Gasteiz
Sat.25 Jimmy Jazz · Gasteiz 19:00

Anesthesia + Roaring
Sá.25 Coffee Theater · Bilbao 10:00 pm

Green grass
Sat 25 Uhagon · Markina-Xemein 19:30

Ingqwa White + The Premoderns
Sat 25 Dabadaba · Donostia 20:00

Gorka Urbizu
Sat 25 Atabal · Biarritz 21:00

eleventh Anniversary: ​​Reeler + El Inquilino Comunista + Cast + Cujo
Do.26 Coppola · Bilbao 18:30

Mikel Izal
Thursday 26 Kursaal · Donostia 20:00

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