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Lana del Rey reaches an agreement with Estrella Fugaz and Julio Drove

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Lana del Rey reaches an agreement with Estrella Fugaz and Julio Drove

Who would tell the star of the alternative indie pop when eleven years ago he took out “Born To Die” (12) that one of her biggest hits to date would see her involved in a legal process for violation of rights. What nobody expected is that a decade later she would be sued by the musician Lucas Bolano of Shooting Star and the director Julio Drove following the video clip for “Summertime Sadness” (12) in which the singer included a seventeen second snippet of “Sky” (2009), an audiovisual work that Bolaño published in 2009 under license creative commons 3.0which allows the copying and modification of the original work as long as there are no economic benefits involved, in addition to attributing the corresponding authorship.

The complaint is based on the use of a recording in Super 8 that Julio Drove created together with an audio fragment of the song “Strange Dumpling Cheeks” by Bolaño under the alias of Experimental Little Monkey, including the whispered phrase “Remember, I will always love you, bye”. Among the arguments of the injured parties, the repercussion that had the song and video clip of “Summertime Sadness” generating “millions of euros in royalties” of those who “have not seen a single euro”. The defense of the American tried that the judge Stephen V. Wilson dismissed the case taking into account the time elapsed and a comment on the Spanish YouTube profile that warned in 2015: “this was used at the beginning of ‘Summertime Sadness’!”

Without going further, the case will not be decided before a jury due to the friendly agreement to which the parties involved have arrived and of which no details have been disclosed although, according to reports The newspaperit seems that Universal Music “He moved threads to replace the version of the original video with a modified one without losing views”, solving the problem without much fanfare.

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