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Lando Norris was deprived of his best time – but got it back

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Lando Norris was deprived of his best time – but got it back

There was both fire and rain during qualifying for the sprint race in China.

Friday 19 April at 10:39 am

Lando Norris (24) first had his best time erased – then he got it back in an extremely dramatic finish.

– Strange, states Atle Gulbrandsen on the Viaplay broadcast.

– Suddenly he gets his lap time back!

Lewis Hamilton (39) was second best and thus gets second starting slot in Saturday’s sprint race in Shanghai. Finally an upturn for Mercedes.

Third best is Fernando Alonso (42), which means that the two oldest drivers in the field are second and third. In this case, you can read more about why Formula 1 bets on the elderly.

Home favorite Zhou gets the tenth best starting slot.

It was a strange qualifying where the grass at the track first started on fire and the fire had to be put out before they could continue.

Then it started to rain when the decision was to be made in SQ3. Lewis Hamilton held pole position for a few seconds before Norris regained his lap time, which he first lost because he drove outside the track markings.

– It was tricky, states Norris about the SQ3.

– It got wetter and wetter. I was nervous about hydroplaning. But it was fun. 1st place was what we wanted.

Max Verstappen and Carlos Sainz follow in the fourth and fifth best starting slots – despite Verstappen driving off the track:

Lap times increased by more than 20 seconds from the dry SQ2 to the wet SQ3.

The sprint race runs over 19 laps of the track in Shanghai, about a third of a regular Grand Prix race. There is no mandatory deposit stop.

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