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Las Vegas in virtual version, between technology and AI

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Las Vegas in virtual version, between technology and AI

How has technology changed the way we play at the green table? The list of changes is long and seems destined to be increasingly full of new features. Remember when, once upon a time, you had to leave the house and go to the nearest arcade, or even a land-based casino, to be able to spin the reels of a slot machine?

It seems like a century has passed and yet the years that have passed since then are few. Online casinos, which have revolutionized the way of experiencing gaming, appeared in 2000 and began to spread in Italy only after 2010.

The first milestone in the evolution of the game was that of casino online. At the beginning from a PC, then increasingly from a smartphone, challenging a slot or a blackjack table took place from the comfort of our home or from any other place where it was possible to have a device connected to the Internet.

What happened following the introduction of virtual casinos has, most likely, exceeded even the most optimistic expectations. The world of gambling would never be the same again, and the direction of evolution was clear from the beginning: involvement, immersion and a virtual experience as close as possible to the real one. All this happened by adding one piece at a time, as if putting together a puzzle.

The most interesting part is that we do not have a pre-established image to complete: player preferences and technological developments will modify the final image from time to time.

Real, virtual, artificial: the evolution of the game

Vegas games were once limited to the real thing. The first online casino was launched in 1996 by Microgaming, a software development company. At the time, Microgaming only had 18 casino games.

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Within two years, the number of online casinos had already reached 200, with an increasing number of software houses. As often happens in these cases, at the beginning those who accessed the online casino were the technology enthusiastsi cd “nerd”.

However, it took little to make this form of entertainment increasingly popular, also thanks to the regulations of various countries around the world, which began to give a more stable and defined legislative framework to virtual gambling.

Live, virtual and augmented reality

There are three main developments made to casino gaming in the space of a few years.

The first innovation was that of live gaming. After a few years from the introduction of online casinos, what was missing from the remote gaming experience was the adrenaline and involvement that characterize land-based casinos. In a short time, gambling companies have organized themselves to allow them to host live games, complete with real croupiers, in which players participate live but remotely. This form of interaction is possible for all casino entertainment, except for online slots.

A novelty brought by technology is that of virtual reality, often referred to as VR. Virtual reality is able to immerse you in a completely non-existent virtual environment, thanks to the use of specific audio and video equipment. Inside the device there is also a monitor that allows you to look around by physically moving your head. The level of involvement and immersion that virtual reality brings is certainly high, and more and more casinos have added it virtual reality games to their booklet.

Augmented reality, often referred to by the acronym AR, is slightly different from virtual reality. In fact, it is an environment that is created with digital images, but based on the reality around you. In practice, the world around you is enriched by digital images.

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Artificial intelligence

One of the latest innovations that has revolutionized and will revolutionize even more the future of green table gaming is that of artificial intelligence. Loved and hated at the same time, AI has a broader spectrum of use for casino sites than VR and AR.

The goal of artificial intelligence is to understand the player’s preferences and needs and satisfy them in the most efficient way possible. From customer support to feature customization, artificial intelligence seems to be an extremely versatile and perfect tool for improving players’ gaming experience.

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