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Laura Jane Grace, crítica de su disco Hole In My Head (2024)

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Laura Jane Grace, crítica de su disco Hole In My Head (2024)

The third solo album by Laura Jane Gracefrom the moment he put his band Against Me! In a break that begins to seem definitive, she is the best of the lot, once again demonstrating that we are dealing with an enormous composer, although her scarce 25 minutes and her lack of forcefulness leave us wanting more.

Since the rout of Against Me! The artist had returned to her origins, alone with her guitar and small folk punk songs, but here the electric guitars and adrenaline also return, although many of those more vibrant and electric songs are deprived of some of their punch because Grace It’s nothing more than correct drums, and songs like “I’m Not A Cop”with its nods to Chuck Berry and its doo wop choruses, or the nostalgic “Punk Rock In Basements”one of their catchiest songs, would have benefited from much more power in the percussion.

In them, as in much of the album, Laura Jane is accompanied by Matt Patton, the fantastic bassist of the Drive-By Truckers, who does an excellent job, and sometimes also adds a few small choruses here and there, the title song or “Birds Talk Too” They will be totally welcomed by those who miss Against Me!but the album finds its heart again in the acoustic songs like “Dysphoria Hoodie” o “Cuffing Season”in which he looks inward and outward, at his own identity, at the music he has chosen, at his possible decline or at his vices: “I have burned my brain with alcohol, marijuana, porn and cocaine” in “Hard Feelings”a song that would put a grimace of approval on Johnny Cash’s face.

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A brutal honesty that is confirmed in the last song, “I’m standing in the center of the universe / Shouting out to God, I’m not done.” As this proves “Hole In My Head”, one might add, far from it. It’s more if the electric part had the old propulsion behind the songs of Against Me! We could be talking about one of the best albums of a career that has lasted more than 20 years.

Hole In My Head de Laura Jane Grace

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