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Leaders of many countries boycott the summit of the Americas

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Xinhua News Agency, Mexico City, June 10th: Leaders of many countries boycott the summit of the Americas

Xinhua News Agency reporter Yu Lizhen and Yan Liang

The domineering U.S. government, with the outdated “Monroe Doctrine” mentality, still tries to manipulate Latin American and Caribbean countries from a condescending level. However, the latest “diplomatic fiasco” shows that the times are changing, and the unpopular U.S. hegemony is no longer viable.

The ninth Summit of the Americas was held in Los Angeles this week, but the lineup for the summit was severely shrunk. The U.S. arrogantly refused the leaders of Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela to participate in the meeting on the grounds of so-called “democratic standards”, which aroused widespread doubts and opposition from Latin American and Caribbean countries. From regional organizations such as the Bolivarian Alliance of the Americas to regional countries such as Chile and Bolivia, there are endless voices criticizing the United States. Leaders from Mexico, Honduras and other countries were absent from the summit.

The U.S. government originally wanted to take this Americas summit to show its leadership, but in the end, the diplomatic embarrassment encountered was not even seen by senior U.S. diplomat Brett Brunn, who was the former director of global engagement at the White House. He lamented: “Eight countries have not sent officials at the leadership level to participate in the most important event in the region that we have hosted in decades. This fully shows how poorly managed our relations with our neighbors are.” Eduardo, Academician of the Academy of Sciences of the Dominican Republic · Klinger pointedly pointed out that this is “a fiasco” of US diplomacy.

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Why did Latin American leaders boycott the summit? Because they are angry that the United States ignores the progress of the times and still engages in discrimination, exclusion, and wanton hegemonic interference. Mexican President López publicly stated that he refused to attend the summit in protest at the “old politics of perpetuation of interventionism” by the United States. The statement adopted by the 21st Bolivarian Coalition Summit of the Americas held at the end of May also pointed out that all American countries should be invited to participate in the Ninth Summit of the Americas on equal terms, and the United States as the host country has no right to exclude some countries or violate the sovereignty and sovereignty of other countries. independent. An article published on the website of the Spanish newspaper Insurrection said that the U.S. government pursues unilateralism, “a typical practice of imperial monarchies.”

During the summit, the US government, according to its usual routine, threw out some glossy issues, such as announcing the launch of the so-called “Partnership for Economic Prosperity in the Americas” and other initiatives. But people have seen through the nature of its “blank promises”. The website of the Spanish daily newspaper pointed out that the initiative has neither relevant data nor specific details or commitments. In fact, due to the bullying and insincereness of the US government, Latin American and Caribbean countries and even the US domestic media widely believed that this summit would not produce any real results. Cuban President Diaz-Canel pointedly pointed out that the summit of the Americas cannot be expected to carry out any “substantive discussions”. Richard Haas, president of the American Institute of Foreign Affairs and others, even predicted that the summit would be a “complete failure.”

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The main reason for American hegemony is that it is unpopular and unpopular. For a long time, the United States has not been helping Latin America wholeheartedly, but wantonly exploiting, indiscriminately imposing sanctions, exporting inflation, engaging in political interference, political subversion, assassination of politicians and even armed aggression. In the nearly 200 years since the United States proposed the “Monroe Doctrine”, it has intervened militarily in Latin American countries more than 30 times. In recent years, in disregard of the UN Charter and basic norms of international law, the United States has taken unilateral coercive measures against Venezuela and Nicaragua, and imposed trade and financial blockades against Cuba. Separation of parents… The United States is bullying and domineering, and it lacks real respect for the sovereignty and dignity of Latin American countries. What it has done is completely contrary to the willingness of Latin American countries to seek cooperation and development, and it is doomed to fail.

Humanity has entered the 21st century, and mutual respect, mutual benefit and win-win results are the general trend of the times. The U.S., which is accustomed to domineering, is very insensitive to the trend of the times and its diplomatic failure is an inevitable result.

(Editor in charge: Ma Changyan)

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