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Leclerc: “I don’t expect miracles in Canada. But Ferrari has potential, let’s push”

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Leclerc: “I don’t expect miracles in Canada. But Ferrari has potential, let’s push”

The Monegasque on the eve of the first tests in Montreal: “We won’t bring any news, but in Spain we learned a lot about how to take advantage of the package. The goal is to reduce the gap on race pace. Here I see strong Aston Martin and Red Bull”

It’s a Charles Leclerc which is expected in Canada a race in defense for the Ferrari the one who spoke in the first press conference of the weekend in Montreal. The Monegasque wants to bring the enthusiasm experienced last weekend to the track Le Mans, where he witnessed the victory of the Cavallino at the 24 Hours of the Centenary as a spectator, certainly feeling a bit of envy for Pier Guidi, Giovinazzi and Calado: “It was an incredible race – he said – who knows one day I would really like to participate, but I don’t know when because in F1 we ​​have so many events, little free time and in that little free time I would have to insert preparation for endurance races, it wouldn’t be easy, F1 at the moment remains my priority. But it was an incredible show, I hadn’t been a spectator at a GP for a long time and seeing all that passion surprised me”.


Speaking of the weekend arriving in Montreal, Leclerc doesn’t expect an easy race: “In Spain it was very difficult for me – he said – here we don’t bring anything new, I don’t expect miracles but we have to take advantage of our package, intended as a of the machine to exploit it. We learned a lot in Spain that could be useful to us in this sense, but I don’t foresee big steps forward. The most formidable opponents this weekend? I expect Aston Martin and Red Bull to be strong, we need to focus on ourselves and know our real potential”.

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However, Leclerc does not lose faith: “Obviously, overall, the whole team is not satisfied with the performance, we are far from the expectations we had at the beginning of the season, we are transparent in this. Unfortunately we have not understood what went wrong in Spain, we are investigating. We have to push, bring updates regularly and reduce the gap from the front in terms of race pace. We go well on Saturday, but then we suffer in the race and this is where we have to push. But it gives me confidence that there is a clear direction to work on and this is positive”.

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