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Legal notice to Eni: “The concession for gas from Gaza is illegitimate”. The appellants: “Risk of complicity in war crimes”

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Legal notice to Eni: “The concession for gas from Gaza is illegitimate”.  The appellants: “Risk of complicity in war crimes”

The Eni group (30% owned by the Italian Treasury) received a notice of the Boston law firm Foley Hoag LLP, in the United States, so that he does not undertake activities in the maritime areas of the Gaza Strip which belong to Palestine. They bring it back the sites of the recurring associations. The law firm moves on the mandate of the Palestinian groups for human rights Adalah, Al Mezan, Al-Haq e PCHR. The issue is thorny and concerns license concessions for the exploration of the waters off Gaza assigned to some oil companies last year October 29th, after the start of the bombings on the Strip. The one off the coast of Gaza, about 30 kilometers away, is a field whose potential has been estimated in 30 billion cubic meters of gas. According to calculations by Palestinian economists, it could generate revenues of up to 800 million dollars a year.

In addition to Eni, there are licensees among the licensees Dana Petroleum (a subsidiary of the South Korean National Petroleum Company) and the Israeli Petroleum system. In particular it concerns the licenses of zone G which, for 62%, falls within the maritime borders declared by the State of Palestine in 2019, in accordance with the provisions of the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea to which Palestine is a signatory. However, according to the Israeli government, “only sovereign states have the right to maritime zones, including territorial seas and exclusive economic zones, as well as to declare maritime boundaries.” And since Tel Aviv does not recognize Palestine how was it he has no right legal in maritime areas.

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The appellant associations instead believe that “the issuing of the tender and the subsequent granting of licenses for exploration in this sector constitute a violation of the law international humanitarian law (IHL) and customary international law”. They therefore invite the companies involved not to participate “in acts of plundering the sovereign natural resources of the Palestinian people”. The same associations point out that “the offers, issued in compliance with Israeli domestic law, they are actually equivalent to the de facto and de jure annexation of Palestinian maritime areas claimed by Palestine, as they seek to replace the applicable rules of international law by instead applying domestic Israeli law to the area, in the context of the management and exploitation of natural resources. Under applicable international law, to Israel it is forbidden to exploit finite non-renewable resources of the occupied territory, for the purpose of commercial profit and for the benefit of the occupying power, according to the rules of usufruct, referred to in Article 55 of the Hague Regulations. Instead, Israel as the de facto administrative authority in the occupied territory cannot exhaust natural resources for commercial purposes that do not benefit the occupied population.”

Finally, the associations present their proposal to Eni the risk of becoming complicit in war crimes. The reference is to the genocide investigation by the International Court of Justice in The Hague which could, according to the law firm’s notification, have very serious implications on the “looting” actions of the natural resources belonging to the Palestinian Territories occupied by Israel.

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