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Lena Schilling is a really media-savvy politician

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Lena Schilling is a really media-savvy politician

May had one subject particularly: the Greens’ high junior candidate. In the APA-Comm rating of EU candidates, he’s far forward of Harald Vilimsky.

Top inexperienced candidate This is Schilling he was a politician who as soon as had a whole lot of media in May. This is under no circumstances shocking, as he all the time centered on reporting after the allegations have been revealed within the each day newspaper “der Standard”.

With 645 articles, it’s ranked by APA Comm EUcandidates far forward of the FPÖ candidate Harald Vilimsky with a complete of 199 paperwork, SPÖ and ÖVP leaders, Andreas Schieder (150 posts) and Reinhold Lopatka (137 articles) and Neos candidate Helmut Brandstätter (86 articles).

Not far behind are the highest candidates within the KPÖ, Günther Hopfgartner (24 donations), and DNA, Maria Hubmer-Mogg (13 donations). In the listing of all Austrian politicians, Chancellor Karl Nehammer takes second place with 394 hits, adopted by FPÖ chief Herbert Kickl (368) and Green Vice Chancellor Werner Kogler (293 hits).

Elephant cycle in ORF

The EU elections can be over quickly. The candidates for the EU elections met for the ultimate negotiations yesterday, Wednesday. And as much as 711,000 individuals noticed it The “Elephant Round”, is managed by Tobias Pötzelsberger and Raffaela Schaidreiter. Topics ranged from the “flame man” to Putin to the European soccer championship. A “therapeutic session” was began and the query was requested: “Where ought to we get this?” (APA/ed.)

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