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Let’s Dance 2024: How did Tillman Schulz become known?

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Let’s Dance 2024: How did Tillman Schulz become known?

The Entrepreneur Tillman Schulz is already known to a wider TV audience from his work as an investor in “The Lions’ Den”. Since 2020 he has also been the managing director of MDS Holding GmbH & Co. KG. Now he dares to take on a new challenge and accepts it „Let’s Dance“ 2024 part.

Tillman Schulz has been active in the corporate world for many years. But what makes him tick privately? Does he have a wife and children? And how much is his net worth? We took a closer look at the entrepreneur.

Tillman Schulz in the profile

The most important facts about Tillman Schulz at a glance:

  • Name: Tillman Schulz
  • Profession: Entrepreneur, investor
  • Birthday: 10. September 1989
  • Zodiac sign: Virgo
  • Place of birth: Dortmund
  • Place of residence: Dortmund
  • Relationship status: married
  • Kinder: two
  • Instagram: tillman_schulz

Tillman Schulz is taking part in “Let’s Dance” 2024

Tillman Schulz ventures onto the RTL dance floor alongside 13 other candidates and accepts Season 17 von „Let’s Dance“ part. He sees the show as a challenge and explains: “I have a big one Respect in front of the dance floor and face the adventure of ‘Let’s Dance’ with everything I have… challenge accepted!” How long he can convince the jury and the audience remains to be seen. But his employees have already made predictions as to how long Tillman can stay on the show: Recommended content by the editors

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Does Tillman Schulz have a wife and children?

The entrepreneur Tillman Schulz keeps most of his private life away from the public. What is known, however, is that he married and his wife’s name is Cosima. The couple has two children and a dog named Aldi.

Tillman Schulz comes from a family of entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurship was something Tillman Schulz was born with: being Grandfather Helmut Schulz founded in 1949 under the name MDS Holding GmbH & Co. KG a Fish import company from Scandinavia. After his grandfather retired, he left the company to Tillman Schulz’ Father. He spent a lot of time in the company as a child.

He writes on his homepage that he was already interested in the processes in the family business back then: “My favorite toy was that Calculating machine on my father’s desk.” Before joining his parents’ MDS group in 2012, Tillman Schulz completed his high school diploma in 2009. He then completed training as a… Bank clerk.

Tillman Schulz took over the management of the MDS group of companies

After training as a banker, Tillman Schulz initially worked in his grandfather’s food company for three years before starting his own company with the name in 2015 Reason founded. This served to acquire and manage investments that were not described in more detail.

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In 2020, at the age of 30, Tillman Schulz took over Management of the entire MDS group of companies. Together with his brother Moritz, he is the third generation to run the company. It includes total 19 subsidiaries and supplies retailers such as, among others Aldi or Lidl with food, but also medical, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and beauty products are part of the range. The MDS Group estimates its annual turnover to be in the three-digit million range.

The fact that he is now running the company is one privilegeas Tillman Schulz himself says: “Despite all my enthusiasm for business, I am too family Guy and a direct, honest Dortmund boy, with real love for the region and BVB. I’m married and have two kids. Since it is very important for me to give something back to society, I also have numbers social goals “I keep an eye on it and am committed to it,” says the entrepreneur on his homepage.

Tillman Schulz is an investor in “The Lions’ Den”

Tillman Schulz has been counting since the 13th season of “The Lion’s Den” to the investors. As a managing partner of several companies, he now demonstrates leadership and responsibility with which he would like to help new founders.

Tillman Schulz has a venture capital firm

Tillman Schulz has apparently wanted to invest in founders for years. He founded the company with his brother in 2019 Evenmore Ventures GmbHone Venture-Capital-Firma. He knows exactly how he wants to specifically help founders with his company.

“We offer services in the following areas Purchasing, sales, quality assurance, logistics, law and everything that goes into a successful performance,” says the VC firm’s self-description. In addition to capital and know-how, companies would also be supported with a “top team” and a “well-functioning” network.

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Does Tillman Schulz have an Instagram account?

Tillman Schulz has a public and verified one Instagram-Account. Around are currently following him there 10.000 Fans (As of February 2024). He primarily advertises his numerous companies on the platform. He rarely gives his followers insights into his private life.

How much is Tillman Schulz’s net worth?

Tillman Schulz grew up in an entrepreneurial family and has therefore worked his way up to become a very successful entrepreneur in recent years. For this reason, many fans wonder how high will be Assets is. However, there is that no official information.

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