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“Let’s Dance” celebrity Tony Bauer lets anyone tattoo his leg

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“Let’s Dance” celebrity Tony Bauer lets anyone tattoo his leg

Tony Bauer is not only a successful comedy newcomer, since Friday evening (February 23rd) he has also been showing what he can do as a dancer. He is taking part in the new season of “Let’s Dance” as a celebrity candidate.

Tony’s humor not only accompanies the 28-year-old on the comedy stage and in his private life through his everyday life, but also literally gets under his skin.

“Let’s Dance” candidate Tony Bauer also has amateurs tattoo him

Many humorous motifs adorn the body, but especially the left leg of the Duisburg native. He affectionately calls this his fun leg. He explains to RTL what exactly this is all about.

“My fun leg is my left leg, which anyone can tattoo on if they want,” says Tony. “You don’t have to have any previous experience either. When you see me and you think I’m cool and you say ‘Can I give you something?’ then let’s go.”

Here you can see a video of comedian Tony Bauer announcing his participation in “Let’s Dance” to his fans:

A number of motifs have already accumulated on his fun leg over the years: “There’s a chick with sunglasses, then I have an electricity pole, it says ‘I love Paris’ next to it, I thought that was funny,” Tony begins to list. “And of course I tattooed 47, because of Duisburg.”

It’s hard to believe that the 28-year-old lets strangers with no experience on the tattoo machine touch his skin. Apparently there’s no reason for the comedian to worry.

Tony is proud of the art that adorns his skin: “Yes, it’s quite an eye-catcher,” admits the comedian with a laugh. “But to see that, people have to tune in to the show.”

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