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“Let’s Dance” training injury! Sophia Thiel shows wounds

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“Let’s Dance” training injury!  Sophia Thiel shows wounds
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    The “Let’s Dance” training is hard, that’s nothing new. Injuries happen again and again, this time it hits fitness influencer Sophia Thiel.

    The nightmare of everyLet‘s Dance“Participant is at risk of injuring themselves during the broadcast and the associated training. The prominent participants spend several hours a day in practice rooms doing the dances for the big ones RTL-Live shows to perfect. It’s particularly annoying what Sophia Thiel said in rehearsals „Let‘s Dance“ 2024 has happened.

    Sophia Thiel is injured during “Let’s Dance” training

    Training with the popular “Let’s Dance” professional dancers is no walk in the park, that’s what the participating celebrities report every year. After all, the complete beginners have to be made suitable for the parquet somehow. One or two injuries occur, such as Mark Keller, who tore his inner thumb ligament. As one participant shows on Instagram, she now also has traces of her work.

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    “Yes, the training was intense,” Sophia Thiel begins as she rolls up her sleeves. Several large bruises and bruises appear, and she also has wounds on her neck. “I’m shocked,” says her dance partner Alexandru Ionel and adds: “but awesome.” She does not explain how the wounds came about. Given the minor injury, there is no question that the couple will be able to appear in the next show. (str)

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