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Lillebjørn Nilsen will be buried today – NRK Norway – Overview of news from various parts of the country

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Lillebjørn Nilsen will be buried today – NRK Norway – Overview of news from various parts of the country

The popular singer Bjørn Falk “Lillebjørn” Nilsen died on 27 January, aged 73.

On Friday, a neutral memorial service was held for Lillebjørn Nilsen in Oslo City Hall. There was a video ban during the funeral itself at the request of the family.

A few days after he died, it became clear that the state will not pay for the burial. Oslo municipality, on the other hand, decided to hold an honorary burial from Oslo City Hall.

Lillebjørn Nilsen’s coffin in Oslo City Hall before the burial.

Photo: Stian Lysberg Solum / NTB

The town hall was filled by 900 people. The ceremony was open to everyone, and there was a long queue of people who could not get a seat in Oslo City Hall.

– It was a wonderful atmosphere. I think he would have liked it actually, even if he was a shy person, says Visesongar and Nilsen’s ex-wife Kari Svendsen after the ceremony.

Photo: Stian Lysberg Solum / NTB

When the entourage came out of the town hall, “children of the rainbow” was played on carillons. Then Lillebjørn Nilsen took his last drive in Oslo.

– He deserves this

Åse Kleveland played together with Nilsen in the group Ballade! in the 70s. She said several memorial words for him during the memorial ceremony.

– He has meant an enormous amount, as he has done for so many:

– It is always sad when someone dies. But at the same time, he left behind a legacy that means he will live a long time.

Kleveland is on its way to the town hall. In the background, many are queuing to get in. They hum “Crescendo in the pedestrian street”.

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Åse Kleveland and Lars Klevstrand wanted to honor their vice-songarian colleague today.

Photo: Rolf Petter Olaisen / NRK

Oslo’s mayor Anne Lindboe was on hand to honor Lillebjørn Nilsen.

Photo: Rolf Petter Olaisen / NRK

Former mayor of Oslo Fabian Stang also made the trip to Oslo City Hall.

Photo: Rolf Petter Olaisen / NRK

Marianne Borgen also came to honor city boy Lillebjørn Nilsen.

Photo: Rolf Petter Olaisen / NRK

Ellen Horn on her way to the funeral of Lillebjørn Nilsen from Oslo City Hall.

Photo: Rolf Petter Olaisen / NRK

Mona B. Riise was also present.

Photo: Rolf Petter Olaisen / NRK

Musician Unni Wilhelmsen wanted to honor his friend.

Photo: Rolf Petter Olaisen / NRK

Lillebjørn Nilsen has meant a lot to Culture and Equality Minister Lubna Jaffery (Ap).

Photo: Rolf Petter Olaisen / NRK

Artist and author Terje Formoe on the way to the funeral.

Musician Knut Reiersrud in front of Oslo City Hall

– We have lost the man, but at the same time there are few people who get to live as enormously as he does afterwards, concludes Kleveland.

– I have sung his songs at the top of my lungs. And I have sung the same songs to my own daughter. He has been a big part of my life.

This is what Culture and Equality Minister Lubna Jaffery says on her way into the town hall.

Steinar Ofsdal was a good friend of Lillebjørn Nilsen and started playing with him at the age of 17. It was Lillebjørn Nilsen who drew him into folk music, which today is a large part of Ofsdal.

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Åse Kleveland portrays Lillebjørn Nilsen as a generous man who meant a lot.

– He left a lot behind. I was at his home last Christmas Eve. Chatter went on, and he had a lot to say something about. He was incredibly knowledgeable.

Ofsdal is a well-known musician and performed two songs during the memorial ceremony. One of them was the song “Dance not cry now”, together with vice-song Kari Svendsen.

Photo: Rolf Petter Olaisen / NRK

Nilsen wrote this song as an exam paper in Nynorsk in 1968.

– Then I waited for him down in the city. Then he sang his new song to me. Today, he is part of the school curriculum, Ofsdal says and continues:

– I am touched that Bjørn is getting this great attention from the whole community. He deserves that.

Children’s choir will perform “Children of the Rainbow”

Several of Lillebjørn Nilsen’s well-known songs were performed during the memorial ceremony.

Guitar mates Jan Eggum, Halvdan Sivertsen, and Øystein Sunde performed “See always light on life”. Tuva Sivertsen and Frida Ånnevik performed “Good night Oslo”, together with Marius Graff and Oslo Strings.

The Bolteløkka girls’ choir will perform “Children of the rainbow” during the burial.

During the memorial ceremony, Oslo’s mayor Anne Lindbo gave the dedication speech and Åse Kleveland gave the memorial speech.

Lars Klevstrand and Steinar Ofsdal got to play the song “Gategut”

The memorial ceremony was concluded by the Bolteløkka girls’ choir, who performed “Children of the Rainbow”.

In 2023, Lillebjørn Nilsen received the honorary award during the distribution of the Spellemann prize.

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Lillebjørn Nilsen could play several instruments. In addition to the guitar, he also played, among other things, the ukulele, banjo and harmonica. Here he plays the fiddle in connection with the launch of the play “Postcard from Lillebjørn” at the Oslo Nye theater in 2012.

In 2017, Lillebjørn Nilsen received the St. Hallvards medal, which is the highest award for the city of Oslo.

In connection with the terrorism trial after the 22 July terror started in 2012, thousands of people gathered at Youngstorget in Oslo to sing “Children of the rainbow” in protest. The terrorist thought the song was Marxist indoctrination of children.

One of the greatest show songs

Nilsen has had great success as a solo artist, but also in several groups.

In the 70s, Nilsen started the group Ballade! together with Lars Klevstrand, Åse Kleveland, and Birgitte Grimstad. One of the most famous collaborations was Gitarkameratene, together with Øystein Sunde, Halvdan Sivertsen and Jan Eggum.

But it was as a solo artist that he set the deepest traces.

Lillebjørn Nilsen wrote celebrated songs that most people are familiar with. Like the autobiographical “Quiet guy på sovesal 1”, the eternal summer hit “Bysommer” and the swing jazz song and the Django Reinhardt tribute “Tanta til Beate”.

Nilsen has received many awards throughout his career. He has, among other things, received six fiddler’s prizes, and in 2022 he received the honorary prize during the presentation.

Lillebjørn’s talent brought him into the limelight as a shy 15-year-old. This is his own story about music and an eternal longing for peace.

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