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Linn Skåber and Ine Jansen with zero stars

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Linn Skåber and Ine Jansen with zero stars

Best friends Linn Skåber and Ine Jansen are current with a new comedy series, “Zero stars”. Here they go on a trip with one goal in mind: To travel to the places no one recommends.

Together, they will find out if there can be any gems hidden among the gray stone. KK meets the cheerful duo at Warner Bros Discovery’s spring launch.

– How did this series come about?

– Someone had a good idea, and we are quite inexperienced. Taking two Grünerløkka girls out into the big world to meet local people, and encounter dangers, fun, rubbish and gold, sounded like a good idea, says Linn enthusiastically.

– I left my children in favor of a new man

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Experienced a lot

Ine says that they have already experienced a lot. So far they have been in Georgia and England. They have used TripAdvisor to seek out the weirdest, worst and most incomprehensible places they could find.

– We have experienced things we have never come across before. After all, we go for the oddities – the reviews that are weird and funny, and the places that may not have been chosen before, then we’ll see what we find there. We have found quite a lot of gold already, she explains.

– We wanted to challenge the reviews a bit. Among other things, we went to a hotel in Georgia that had been completely slaughtered. It said that the woman who worked there was impossible to deal with, and that she is spying on you. But she ended up becoming our best friend. She came unannounced to our room with fruit and stuff, but it was really nice – she just joined the party, says Linn.

– I have regretted this for 10 years

New type of holiday

During a 30-year long friendship, Linn and Ine have been on many holidays together.

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– Have you looked for the good reviews then?

– We’ve probably done it before, yes. There have been a number of holidays where we have taken the children with us, and just relaxed and enjoyed ourselves by the pool. But then you only meet the same people and do the same things. In this project, we wanted to explore the other end, and see what adventures can be found there, explains Ine.

– I have never felt as lucky as I do now. I’m envious of myself who gets to experience it, says Linn.

She lay thinking about this the night before.

– Getting to meet shepherds who sit in the mountains in the Caucasus, and sleep outside. Or, they sleep on the arm then, so as not to fall asleep – because they have to be kept awake in case the wolf comes. We kept them awake all night, then, so it wasn’t a problem this time. But enjoying yourself with people you would never meet is a great gift for which I am incredibly grateful, says Linn.

– The best advice I have received was given to me by Linn Skåber

That’s where the adventures happen

Many people would be reluctant to seek out hotels and other places with bad reviews, but these ladies throw themselves into it.

– It is from the bad reviews that adventures happen. You don’t remember the fourth entrecote you ate at a nice restaurant in Paris, but you remember the time you were dragged down to a cellar by some locals, says Linn.

– We have been all over Georgia, in the old bunkers where we have seen old things and heard stories we would never have heard otherwise, says Ine.

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Linn takes over:

– That’s where you meet the people who are really committed!

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– Can you recommend it to others?

Both of them say yes without thinking for half a second.

– I can recommend it to anyone! You meet so many hospitable people, who are absolutely wonderful. They see it as a gift to have guests, says Ine.

– In both countries we have visited, it was said that it is when such random encounters with people occur that one must be grateful. When God sends guests, they regard us as guests of their hearts, and it shows, says Linn.

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