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List of Democracy Summits Taiwan is in the list

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[Epoch Times November 24, 2021](Epoch Times reporters Li Yixin and Wu Minzhou reported from Taipei, Taiwan) The “Democracy Summit” launched by U.S. President Bibby after coming to power is expected to be held by video from December 9th to 10th, focusing on anti-authoritarianism and anti-authoritarianism. Corruption and the promotion of human rights, according to the list of participants announced by the US State Department on the evening of the 23rd local time, 110 countries including Taiwan were invited to participate. The CCP, North Korea, Vietnam, and Russia were not on the list. The Presidential Palace announced on the 24th that we will send Tang Feng, political commissar of the Executive Yuan, and Xiao Meiqin, the representative to the United States, to attend the meeting.

The picture shows the flags of the Republic of China and the United States. (Chen Baizhou/The Epoch Times)

The U.S. State Department announced that the online democracy summit will be hosted by Biden, inviting government leaders, civil organizations, and the private sector to participate to discuss the challenges and opportunities faced by democracies. This open and transparent platform provides participants to express their commitments and initiatives. Rejuvenation is very important.

The first democracy summit focused on three themes: preventing authoritarianism, combating corruption, and promoting human rights. It also formulated a plan for strengthening democracy in the coming year. Manipulating digital information and spreading false news are also topics of concern to the summit. The U.S. government will announce its commitment to “support free and independent media”, “defend free and fair elections,” “enhance civic capabilities,” “enhance women’s political leadership,” and “use technology to promote democratic rejuvenation.”

The statement also mentioned that the Democracy Summit is expected to hold the second physical summit at the end of next year. Between the two meetings, it is hoped that participants will initiate practical actions.

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The list of the State Council of my country is shown in Taiwan

The U.S. State Department announced the list, and my country is shown as “Taiwan”, ranking alongside 109 countries including the United Kingdom, Japan, Germany, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, and India.

Others include: the CCP, Russia, Belarus, Hungary, Turkey, Egypt, North Korea, Iran; Southeast Asian countries Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand, Myanmar, Cambodia, Laos, Brunei; Central and South America Cuba, Venezuela, Nicaragua, Bolivia, Guadi Mala, El Salvador, Honduras and other non-democratic regimes and democratic retrogressive countries were not invited; the Middle East and North African countries were almost excluded.

The US State Department stated that the invitation list is regionally inclusive and diverse. Whether it is on the invitation list or not, the United States is willing to cooperate with all countries that support the summit’s goals. However, the US State Department did not elaborate on the representatives of various countries.

The Taiwan Affairs Office of the Communist Party of China stated on the 24th that the U.S. State Department’s appellation related to Taiwan is wrong and firmly opposes official exchanges between the U.S. and the “Taiwan of China.”

Fu: Will share the story of Taiwan’s successful democracy

Presidential Office Spokesperson Zhang Dunhan said on the 24th that he thanked the US for the invitation. Tang Feng and Xiao Meiqin will share the successful democracy story of Taiwan with countries around the world, including strengthening government governance through technology and digital democracy.

A press release from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated on the 24th that the US has officially invited Taiwan to participate. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs thanks Biden for the invitation. Our invitation to participate in the “Democracy Summit” is an affirmation of Taiwan’s efforts to promote democracy and the value of human rights over the years. In response to the initiative of this summit, my country has put forward a number of specific commitments, including the completion of Taiwan’s first “National Human Rights Action Plan”; continuing to promote democracy and human rights in the Indo-Pacific region under the “Global Cooperation and Training Framework” (GCTF) And other issues; Taiwan and the United States held the third “Indo-Pacific Democratic Governance Consultation” meeting on the 15th.

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The Ministry of Foreign Affairs pointed out that the United States is planning the specific agenda of this summit and is in close communication with the Chinese government, looking forward to the achievements of Taiwan’s democracy as it should be. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs will continue to coordinate with the United States and explain the results in a timely manner.

You Xikun: Both excited and moved

In response to this, the President of the Legislative Yuan, You Xikun, posted on Facebook that on March 10 this year, when the US Secretary of State Antony Blinken attended the hearing of the US House of Representatives Foreign Affairs Committee, he promised to invite Taiwan to attend the Democracy Summit, which has now come true.

You Xikun said that thanks to the support of the US government, defending the democratic camp has become the common mission of every democratic country as the global democratic map shrinks. The people of Taiwan have been pursuing democracy and freedom for many years, and now they can finally be seen by the world. He is both excited and moved.

Legislator Liu Shifang said that this is the glory of all Taiwanese people and hopes that Taiwan’s voice, whether it is the internal development of society, economic and democratic achievements, and resilience against power, can be seen by the heads of state participating in the democratic summit. .

Legislator Wang Dingyu also said that the summit was invited by the country as a unit. Taiwan is not only willing to participate, but also hopes to exchange views with leaders of various countries at the democratic summit. This is a good thing for Taiwan’s international visibility and participation.

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Legislators: The U.S. joins hands with other countries to counter the CCP

Legislator Chen Tingfei also posted on Facebook that the CCP is not on the invitation list of the United States. Could it be that the CCP has no influence in the international community? of course not. The topics to be discussed at this democracy summit include anti-authoritarianism, anti-corruption, and promotion of human rights. Therefore, a country that is autocratic and corrupt and will put people in concentration camps for “re-education” will of course not be invited.

Chen Tingfei emphasized that Taiwan’s invitation this time not only means that Taiwan is a democratic partner recognized by the United States, but also means that the United States will openly work with these invited countries and leaders to counteract the dictatorship of the Chinese Communist Party, which is a duck hegemony and bullying. regime. ◇

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