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Lithium-ion batteries new charging method | MobIT

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Lithium-ion batteries new charging method |  MobIT

The new protocol could significantly reduce battery aging over time.

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Although they are one of the most practical and effective solutions for storing and delivering electricity, lithium-ion batteries have limitations that hinder the effective development of new technologies. Still, while we wait for an alternative, researchers now say they can make lithium-ion batteries work better and longer.

A team of researchers from the Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin and the Humboldt University of Berlin have developed an alternative charging solution that would make lithium-ion batteries last much longer than is currently the case. Research has shown that by changing the way current is delivered to the electrolyte materials, the battery becomes more resistant and retains more capacity after several hundred charge and discharge cycles.

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One of the biggest problems with lithium-ion batteries is that their capacity decreases over time. The best commercial Li-Ion batteries use electrodes made from a compound known as NMC532 and graphite, and provide working life up to 8 years.

They use traditional filling methods constant current (CC), and the researchers found that this form of direct current causes thickening of the anode solid electrolyte interface and cracks in the NMC532 and graphite electrode structures. The result is a significant loss of capacity, but researchers have found a solution.

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Lithium-ion batteries will last much longer thanks to a new charging method

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Instead of constant current, the team devised charging protocol based on pulsating current (PC). After extensive charging battery by the PC protocol, the team found that this method promotes “homogeneous distribution” of lithium ions in graphite, and the results showed that the interface was significantly thinner, and that the electrode materials underwent less structural changes.

“Pulse charging could bring many advantages in terms of electrode and interface material stability and significantly extend battery life”he says Julia Kovalco-author of the study.

How much longer would the battery life be? Tests have shown that PC charging can double the life of commercial lithium-ion batterieswhile retaining the capacity of 80 percent.

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