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Little sister Hauge puts on the Glimt costume / Bodø/Glimt

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Little sister Hauge puts on the Glimt costume / Bodø/Glimt

Glimt Women are well underway with training and the squad for the season is slowly but surely getting ready. Towards the start of the series on March 16, we will present some players to you.

The first woman out is 16-year-old Thale Hauge. She was the first with an approved transfer from IK Grand, and thus the first to call herself a Glimt player at Glimt Kvinner. Despite her young age, the Bodø girl has already experienced some good football years. Soccer started as a hobby in Grønnåsen IL when she was 7 years old. When the team she played for Grønnåsen IL merged with IK Grand, it was natural for Thale to join the new club.

Thale Hauge. Photo: Vilde Hiller Rasmussen

– Compared to several others on the team, I don’t have that much speed time in Grand, even though I have played in red for almost four years. For me it felt right to play in yellow, it feels like a sick journey to be part of!

When we ask her what she will miss from her time at Grand, there is one person in particular that she will miss a little more.

– One of the hardest things about leaving Grand was leaving Terje Strand. I think I can speak for most people when I say that Terje has been an important supporter throughout my career. An all-possible man who is easy to fall in love with!

raised in a football family

The young centre-back has received football with his mother’s milk. Thale is one of three siblings, and the third to play in the Glimt outfit. Big brothers Jens Petter Hauge and Runar Hauge have been important pieces in Thales’ career.

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Growing up with two older brothers has its advantages and disadvantages. I haven’t gotten anything for free, and the conversation around the dinner table has often ended in heated arguments, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything. Growing up in a football family has led to a lot of time both in Nordlandhallen and at Aspmyra, but there has never been any pressure about a football career away from home. My older brothers have and are important role models for me. There have been good supporters in all aspects of football and life in general.

She also talks about some important supporters in Helgeland.

– It is with grandma and grandpa in Korgen that I find the most peace. Here I can relax with knitting or sewing projects that grandma helps me with. It brings tears to my eyes to talk about it, because they really meant everything to me. Their home has in many ways become my sanctuary and safe haven, she says with tears in her eyes.

Two Glimt players on the J17 national team

Thale was selected for the J17 national team for the first time when they met Finland in January this year. Now she is on tour with the national team in Spain for the second time.

– When I found out that I was selected for the J17 national team in January, I ran out of words. Lately I’ve been struggling with an ankle injury so I’ve felt a long way from a place in the national team. It was a lovely feeling to be seen, and it gave me new motivation to keep going.

This time there are two Glimt players in the gathering. Teammate Emma Dorthea Christensen has also excelled, and will play with the Norwegian flag on her chest for the first time.

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– Getting to travel with Emma is a great honor. I am very proud of her and happy for her. She is a good friend and a safe travel partner to take with you to Spain, says Thale with a twinkle in his eye.

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