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LIVE – Colombia vs. Brazil: formations confirmed for the Women’s Gold Cup

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LIVE – Colombia vs.  Brazil: formations confirmed for the Women’s Gold Cup

Puerto Rico Victory

In the first match in group B for the second day, Puerto Rico beat Panama 2-1 with scores from Madison Talylor Cox, Danielle Marcano in the last minute and the discount from Natalia Mills. Las Canaleras, with two defeats, were eliminated from the Women’s Gold Cup.

This is how the Brazilian team will play

Colombia in the Snapdragon

With a smile on their faces, the Colombian team players are on the stage in San Diego, where they await the support of their fans to add another victory.

Brazil heading to the stadium

The Carioca team left for the Snapdragon Stadium in San Diego, full of motivation, to seek victory against Colombia in the Women’s Gold Cup

The second date started in group B

At the Snapdragon Stadium, in San Diego, the second day in zone B began with the match between Puerto Rico and Panama, who are fighting hand in hand to achieve a victory that will keep them alive in the Women’s Gold Cup

Puerto Rico, which has just lost 1-0 against Brazil, wants its first victory in the Women’s Gold Cup against Panama – credit Ray Acevedo/USA TODAY Sports

Linda Caicedo would return to the title

After being left on the bench during the 6-0 win against Panama, entering the complementary part, everything indicates that the Real Madrid attacker will be a first baseman against Brazil.

Linda Caicedo, Real Madrid player, is the great figure of the Colombian Women’s team in the Women’s Gold Cup – credit Colombian Football Federation

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Taking advantage of her mobility, speed and talent, the Caucana will be a complement in the attack for Manuela Pavi, appearing in her debut, and captain Catalina Usme to put together an offensive trident.

The first classified

During the night of February 23, the United States team became the first to qualify for the quarterfinals after beating Argentina 4-0 in Carson, California, reaching six points in group A.

Argentina could do nothing against the offensive power of the United States and fell 4-0 – credit Jessica Alcheh/USA TODAY Sports

On that same day, Mexico had no mercy on the Dominican Republic and achieved the largest victory in the Women’s Gold Cup so far, with an 8-0 victory over the Caribbean team.

How are the accounts in group B?

For the match between Puerto Rico and Panama, which will open the second day of the zone on February 24, whoever wins will stay alive to reach the quarterfinals, while the loser will be eliminated because both teams have just fallen in the debut , especially the Canaleras by a 6-0 win.

This is the standings in group B of the Women’s Gold Cup, with Colombia as the leader – credit Women’s Gold Cup

In the case of Colombia vs. Brazil, the team that adds the three points will qualify early because it will reach six points, equality will leave everything alive for the last date and whoever loses will have to look for a place in the next match.

Today’s stadium

This will be the field of Snapdragon Stadium, located in San Diego, California. This stage is built for 35,000 spectators and located at San Diego State University.

Snapdragon Stadium is located in the city of San Diego, California, where the games are being played – credit Snapdragon Stadium Official

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