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LIVE Colombia vs. Peru U-20, lineup, goals and summary of the women’s team | Colombia selection

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LIVE Colombia vs.  Peru U-20, lineup, goals and summary of the women’s team |  Colombia selection

The Colombian U-20 Women’s National Team begins its journey in the final hexagonal of the South American U-20 against Peru.

THE GAME ENDS. COLOMBIA 1- PERU 0. It was not the most attractive, but in the end it was a national triumph to start the South American U-20 hexagonal

Minute 90+2- VAR review for possible penalty for Colombia that was not awarded

Minute 85- Jessica Muñoz replaces López

Minute 81- Gooooooollll from Colombia!!! Impeccable collection by Álvarez and there is finally a prize for the tricolor

Minute 79- Change in Colombia: Viancha leaves, Silva arrives

Minute 78- Penalty for Colombia!

Minute 77- VAR analyzed possible penalty for handball in the area, there is a review by the central judge

Minute 73- New opportunity for Colombia! Perlaza finishes and the goalkeeper saves in two moments, it seemed that she took the ball from inside

Minute 66- Juana Ortegón and Karla Torres replace Daniela Garavito and Liz Osorio in Colombia

Minute 65- Colombia gets a little tired of insisting without a prize, there is a slump in the game because the Peruvians don’t dare either

Minute 50- Motta failed alone in front of the goal, header without aim. Colombia forgives Peru

Minute 48- Karla Viancha finished from mid-range and hit the crossbar. Peru was saved


ENDS FIRST TIME. Colombia 0- Peru 0. It has been a very hard-fought match that Colombia vs Peru, more options than the tricolor but little definition

Minute 44- Another arrival of pure talent: Motta wanted to hit the goalkeeper in the cross shot but they discovered the disappointment

Minute 38- Osorio tries it from medium distance, a good way to activate the Colombian attack

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Minute 34- Timid arrival of López that ends in two corner kicks

Minute 32- In a succession of corner kicks Agudelo saves a possible Olympic goal

Minute 30- Peru is approaching with danger, Álvarez and the goalkeeper Agudelo get in the way in a corner kick. Mondaca is the key to the Peruvian attack

Minute 24- Sorry Motta for the header, great partnership with Garavito

Minute 16- The Peruvians endure the tricolor intention

Minute 10- Peru is saved! Great start between Viancha and López that the Peruvian goalkeeper claps miraculously


9:05 pm Heavy field due to the rain and the duels Brazil vs Argentina (2-0) and Paraguay vs Venezuela (2-0). Teams leave for formal events.

8:40 pm Coach Carlos Paniagua lines up Luisa Agudelo, Mary José Álvarez; Cristina Motta; Stefania Perlaza; Liz Osorio Daniela Garavito; Natalia Hernandez; Gabriela Rodríguez; Maithe López; Sintia Cabezas; Karla Viancha.

7:30 pm Conmebol confirms that the match will take 30 more minutes to start due to a thunderstorm in Guayaquil.

7:15 pm The match between Argentina and Brazil was the first to be postponed due to weather difficulties and that delayed the programming of Paraguay vs. Venezuela and Colombia vs Peru.

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