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London ranks first, Hong Kong falls out of the top ten in the Global Power City Index | Economics | Epoch Times

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[Epoch Times November 25, 2021]Japan’s Mori Memorial Foundation Urban Strategy Research Institute announced the latest global strength city index. London continues to rank first, and Hong Kong falls out of the top 10 most attractive cities in the world for the first time.

The Urban Strategy Research Institute of the Mori Memorial Foundation of Japan began to compile the Global Power City Index in 2008. From the economic, research and development, cultural exchange, housing, transportation and environment six major projects, 70 indicators as the scoring criteria, the ranking of 48 cities in the world.

This year’s top five rankings remain unchanged from the previous year. London still ranks first, followed by New York, Tokyo, Paris and Singapore.

But this time Hong Kong dropped from 9th last year to 13th. Among the six major projects, Hong Kong ranks relatively low in terms of cultural exchange and environment, all ranking 24th. The report also pointed out that in terms of transportation, Hong Kong dropped from tenth last year to thirteenth, while Singapore was among the top ten, reflecting the change in the number of air passengers. Although the number of domestic and foreign tourists in the 48 cities in the index has fallen sharply, Hong Kong has the largest decline in the number of tourists of all the cities surveyed, reaching 88%.

In addition, Hong Kong’s ratings for economic freedom, tourist attractions, and shopping and dining options have also declined.

Among the 13 Asian cities surveyed, Tokyo, the top ranked city, has not changed its ranking this time, but its score has risen, narrowing the gap with New York. Because Tokyo has improved in terms of flexibility in working styles, the number of co-working facilities has increased rapidly. @

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