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Longer compensation at Premier League matches | Sport

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Longer compensation at Premier League matches |  Sport

Matches in England will last much longer from next season.

Source: Profimedia

The Premier League has decided to introduce a big novelty for the next season and the matches will be much longer in the future. Starting from 2023/24, the instruction that was valid at the World Cup in Qatar will be applied, which implies that time compensation is calculated completely differently and brings a large number of additional minutes. This practice surprised many during the World Cup, where it even happened that matches were extended by more than 10 minutes, but in England they don’t care about that.

“Sky Sports” reports that the four strongest leagues in England – the Premier League, the Championship, League One and League Two – will start next season try in this way to deal with the “thieves” of time and they hope that the longer catch-up time will force players to not procrastinate as they do now.

That’s how they calculated that it was last season in the Premier League, the ball was in play for only 55 minutes, and in the second, third and fourth tiers of English football it is even less. The assumption is that the new rule will change that, but it is still all in the realm of theory.

“I am not surprised by such a compensation, I already said that during the previous shows. I claimed that the minimum we will watch will be five-six minutes, and I don’t think we have seen shorter until now. The instruction was given to the fourth judges, every change, entry is calculated doctors, VAR check and wasting time. There will only be more because we haven’t had many long VAR checks. When that happens, it will normally be 10-12 minutes of overtime. The bottom line is to extend the effective duration of the game,” said former Serbian referee Igor Radojčić during the World Cup in Qatar.

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