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Lots of shine and witty comments: Milton Cunha steals the show on TV

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Lots of shine and witty comments: Milton Cunha steals the show on TV

“She’s as hot as me.” This is how Milton Cunha, TV Globo’s Carnival commentator, introduced model Tati Minerato, drum queen of Porto da Pedra, the first school in the Special Group to cross the Marquês de Sapucaí this Sunday (11). He immediately got a laugh from his broadcast colleagues Alex Escobar, Karine Alves, Pretinho da Serrinha and Leonardo Bruno.

The public at home also went crazy, with thousands of exaltations on Twitter.

This was just the first in a series of good-humored, sharp and necessary punctuations from Milton Cunha during the TV Globo broadcast.

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Also during the Porto da Pedra parade, when journalist Leonardo Bruno referred to the 22 meter height of the tiger in the open-wing car, the former carnival worker said accurately “You men know everything about the size of things”, he commented . Regarding the muses that pass through the Avenue, he said “I like those who sing and vibrate along with the school. You know that pretty girl with the face of nothing? She can’t,” he said. Absolutely right. In the early hours of Monday (12), the commentator’s name reached the trending topics (most talked about topics) on X, the former Twitter.

Those watching the parades in the middle of Sapucaí were thrilled with the arrival of the commentator at Passarela do Samba.

This is definitely Milton Cunha’s Carnival. In addition to being a highlight on TV Globo’s broadcast, during the festivities, the Maranhão native’s distinctive voice is echoed by the subway trains, in a well-thought-out marketing campaign that has become popular among Rio residents and tourists alike.

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