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Love Island, Reality | Here are the participants in “Love Island Norway”

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Love Island, Reality |  Here are the participants in “Love Island Norway”

Everything is set for romance, drama, intrigue, friendship and love when TV 2 Play opens the doors to “Love Island Norway” on Monday 4 March, the channel writes in a press release.

For seven weeks, romances and emotional lives are to be followed closely, and at any time new single “bombshells” can arrive at the villa with the intention of finding their dream partner – which can result in broken hearts, couple swaps and involuntary exits.

After seven weeks, the couples who have stolen both each other’s and the viewers’ hearts will be left in a final. Then it’s up to the viewers to decide which couple is made for each other and who deserves to win.

The presenter is Alexandra Joner, while Egil Skurdal is the narrator.

These are the ten participants who arrive at the villa first:

Name: Christina Sandnes (25)
From: Lofoten and lives in Trondheim/Barcelona
Occupation: Marketing manager

– I would describe myself as a caring, happy and adventurous girl. The comfort zone and the typical A4 life are not for me, and those who know me will probably say that I have no “rest in my ass”, says Sandnes.

Name: John Brede Svendsen (27)
From: Hammerfest, lives in Oslo
Occupation: Student/sales employee

– I am genuine, creative and spontaneous, while also being a very calm type. I produce music and do martial arts, and like to draw. I also love to challenge myself, travel and do things where I can grow as a person, says Svendsen.

Name: Elisabeth Henriksen Reither (28)
From: Kløfta, lives in Oslo
Occupation: Bioengineer

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– I am a positive and exuberant girl who appreciates the finer things in life. Some people might describe me as a bit distraught, and unfortunately that is probably completely true, says Reither.

Name: Lenny Langhelle (21)
From Bergen
Occupation: Shop assistant

– I would describe myself as an outgoing and purposeful person. I like new challenges and pushing myself. Is also a person who plays on the charm, says Langhelle.

Name: Sabrina Bella Abrahamsen (24)
From: Telemark, lives in Oslo
Occupation: Student and works in a clothing store

– I am described as a sweet, down-to-earth and kind girl who is open and unprejudiced. I am a “laid back” person, am very social and creative, and like to write songs, work out and be with friends, says Abrahamsen.

Name: Mathias Gulbrandsen (26)
From Oslo
Occupation: Personal trainer

– I am a jovial, unceremonious, spontaneous and silly type – at the same time I am also reflective, purposeful and philosophical. I am keen to have balance in life, he says.

Name: Madelen Christine Magnussen (26)
From: Eidsvoll, lives in Bergen
Occupation: DJ

– I am exuberant, funny and informal. In addition, I am very distracted. I like social settings and challenges, and speed and excitement. And love to try new things.

Name: Henrik Fossedal (29)
From: Bergen, lives in Volda
Occupation: Journalism student

– I am a simple, but advanced guy from Bergen who is always happy and full of energy. I am positive, outgoing and love meeting new people and being on adventures and exploring life, says Fossedal.

Name: Stine Ariana Johansen (26)
From: Oslo, lives in Oslo and Marbella
Occupation: Service manager at SAS

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– I am exuberant and funny, but at the same time quite a diva and “high maintenance”. I am very easy going and fun to deal with as long as I get my way and lots of attention.

Name: Edvard Dalsegg Strand (30)
From: Oslo, lives on Ormøya
Occupation: Sales and marketing

– I am a simple boy with good values. I am pleasant and outgoing, spontaneous and fun. But also calm and relaxed. Likes to train hard, and chill even harder, he says.

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