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Luca Argentero at Sanremo 2024, his wife Cristina Marino accompanies him

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Luca Argentero at Sanremo 2024, his wife Cristina Marino accompanies him

He is at the Ariston for Doc 3, she accompanies him and… secretly films him while he whistles in the car, infected by Sanremo fever

February 10 – 7.16pm – MILAN

The glittering setting of the Sanremo Festival is preparing to welcome one of the most loved faces of the Italian television scene: Luca Argentero. It is not the first time that his name has been associated with Sanremo: the invitation had already been issued in 2022, but a serious family bereavement – the death of his brother-in-law – forced him to decline the offer. This time, however, he will be present at the Ariston and accompanying him is his wife Cristina Marino, who will have a place of honor in the audience. And for the occasion, the head of the Rai 1 Doc series launched a special appeal to his fans on social channels.

Luca Argentero’s appeal

In a series of stories on Instagram, Argentero announces a charity project. Thanks to “Donate 1 Coffee” it is possible to donate the equivalent of an espresso (or even more) to be dedicated to the Sunscape project. The proceeds will be used to help the Educare Center School, attended by around 70 children from 0 to 7 years old, to install photovoltaic panels to guarantee the right to education and avoid the energy supply problems to which it is unfortunately subject.

to the “doc” series

The television series that catapulted Luca Argentero into the spotlight of Rai 1, Doc – In your hands, won the hearts of millions of viewers throughout Italy. In the fiction, the Turin actor plays Doctor Pierdante Piccioni, a figure inspired by the true story of a head doctor in the emergency room of Lodi and Codogno. The plot revolves around the events of the fictitious “Policlinico Ambrosiano” hospital in Milan, giving life to a compelling plot that revolves around the events of the healthcare staff in the internal medicine department. In short, applause for Ariston will be inevitable.

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comments on sanremo

Impossible to resist the temptation to comment on the performances of the Sanremo 2024 artists. On And on Annalisa’s song, however, he writes “But when Annalisa says ‘I feel shaken at…’ am I the only one who thought of ‘agitated at a little nervous at uuuuuhhhuuuuhhhh’?’ with reference to Acida, the very famous song by Prozac+. And finally, the comment on the performance of Ricchi e Poveri in the cover evening consists of a single, hypertrophic “It will be because I love you” in capital letters.

The car journey to Sanremo

Caught up in Sanremo Festival fever, Luca Argentero and his wife Cristina Marino headed towards Liguria after being in Milan for the presentation of a book and he started whistling in the car, while she secretly filmed him.

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